glue for wpc super thin board

very thin and very light. before sticking it up i bought and cut the skirting board and a rebated board to finish the top. i glued up the panels and as i finished each wall i nailed up the boards at the top and bottom of the panels. no problems at all. the product i used was called .

ecoste presents complete solution for pasting laminate, veneer, mdf, edge binding tape or any sheet on ecoste pvc / wpc / mpc / foam sheet by lohmann fast bo.

glue ooze if you're very careful not to let up on the panels. weights . the boards being joined are a tightish fit even with that thin slat underneath the central joint, slide that out and press the two boards down flat and they are . use wedges to edge glue thin boards on fine woodworking.

what i finally did was to screw on some thin boards and melt plastic over that (staples would just pull out i think, but that was a good suggestion which i just modified). again, thanks . and once we started we had to be very fast as the glue only has 10 minutes of working time before setting. the good thing is .

edge gluing thin boards, like these 3/16 in. thick re-sawn veneers, is basically impossible with bar clamps. so, instead of . for thicker boards, it's no problem to use bar or pipe clamps to apply pressure as the glue dries . here's the crazy part: i ripped it apart to veneer a bank of bowed drawer fronts! (yes .

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