working with pvc boards to make window planter boxes

it is made out of pvc and according to my husband, is really easy to work with. i'll tell you . we drilled into the actual stone instead of the mortar since the mortar would not have held the weight of the window boxes once they were filled . here are the finished window boxes with the plastic planters inside.

diy network has step-by-step instructions on how to construct a wood window box . cut 3/4-inch-thick cypress or cedar boards to following dimensions: (3) 8" wide x window length (2) 1-1/4" wide x window length (3) 1-1/4" wide x . side to cover up exposed cleat on house. attach sides to planter using 1-1/4" wood screws.

pvc window boxes have the look and feel of wood, but they're rot-proof and extremely durable. choose from 14 different pvc flower box styles.

pvc boards offer the look of painted wood plus protection from the elements . building the paneled box shown here offers you the chance to tailor your planter to the width of your window and select molding to match your home's style . if you prefer to work in wood, choose a water-resistant species, like teak or cedar.

out of your three window-width-cut boards, choose the one you want on the front of your box and hold it upright. lay another board . to the front and back boards. tip: predrilling is almost always necessary for preventing or minimizing splitting the wood when you're working closely to the end of a plank.

while i have three on my wish list this year this week's tuesday {ten} is a collection of do-it yourself window box planter ideas to spark some building . if wood working is not your cup of tea, the beauty of flowers on your window sill can still be enjoyed with this simple shelf idea from southern living.

for more information.count on this composite pvc material to endure many years without warping, cracking, or rotting. our signature line of flower boxes includes many styles, so there's one for every home. hooks lattice, a garden market 800-896- .

it's martin again, with another doable diy project for your backyard or your deck. even though we are half past summer and most of us finished our landscape projects earlier in the spring, it's time to think about fall planting. this planter box i'm going to demonstrate this week is made from inteplast building .

how to build a flower box, in this video i build a flower box with a new product called true exterior trim . have life time warranty on these products i build flower window boxes for a living as much as i love working with using and finishing raw wood for a flower window box pvc best .

build these window boxes and fill them with flowers for instant curb appeal . cut 22-inch-long 2 x 12s to make a blank for each planter end (a). mark out the circles using a compass on one. then draw the . cut the bottom slats (c) from a 5/4-inch deck board (project diagram, cutting list). sand all of the parts with 150-grit .

flower box with shelf-style railing brackets and plant privacy plants like boxwood, ivy or ferns to hide unsightly balcony views or create a more intimate space on your patio. pvc railing planters increase curb appeal and beautiful outdoor spaces. click here to read more about installing direct mount .

put a temporary halt on our front door project i refuse to stop thinking about bright and cheery, flower filled, outd.

board "diy pots, planters window boxes" on pinterest . old chandelier + plastic pots + glue + spray paint + potting soil + flowers = great addition to any front porch or outdoor sitting area . this is a good site to go to for window box planters - great photos and the site author has put in a lot of work.

pvc is the material of choice for most of today's window and roof trim. as a result, painting instructions are simple and straight forward. individual paint manufacturers have different suggestions and we recommend you follow their guidance for the greatest longevity and to maximize the time between .

trim side boards. after determining the full width of the planter, cut front and back boards to the appropriate length. after cutting the ends, trim 1" x 8" piece of lumber to 7 inches wide.

pvc boards offer the look of painted wood plus protection from the elements . how to build a pvc window box tailored to the width of your window and with . flower window boxes manufactures custom pvc window boxes, railing flower boxes and outdoor planters made from solid pvc material that can be painted and .

have you ever wanted to buy one of those nifty vinyl planter boxes or window boxes that look something like this.this deck sits about 5.5 ft up off the ground with a crawl space underneath with lattice-work enclosing that crawl space. up on the . (2) 3/4in x 9-1/4in x 12ft vinyl pvc boards at $48.47 ea:.

pvc exterior shutters (forever shutters - premium outdoor shutters). composite pvc exterior shutters board and batten. our premium non-wood composite pvc exterior shutters are made from stainless steel reinforced cellular pvc called versatex that unlike wood and other wood composites will not rot, split, .

build using cedar fence pickets and whitewood boards on the trim. ($3) 2 - 1x3 . work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris. always . and then lay the remaining scrap boards down to create a bottom for either gardener's cloth or just set a plastic planter on top.