how to cover ugly concrete foundation

ugly concrete and add decorative flair. find out how decorative concrete expert chris sullivan repairs ugly concrete.

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concrete block foundation that someone, at some point in time, has painted and said paint is chipping and peeling and well, just plain ugly? they reface it! but what if said guy and girl don't want to spend a small fortune to reface their chipping, peeling, painted .

your home's foundation serves a number of purposes, including keeping the house securely on the lot. exposed foundations are functional, but often add nothing to the home's look. typically made of concrete, the foundation picks up debris from dirt, plants, trees and a host of other sources. ideas for hiding .

ugly foundation. it's also a surprisingly easy problem to solve with a little bit of creativity and some ha.

when groundwater consistently infiltrates the porous concrete walls through capillary action, wall stains and related problems can occur. therefore, the first step to correct any type of basement wall stain problem is to provide adequate foundation drainage in order to minimize the water infiltration. unless .

ugly foundation. it's also a surprisingly . great ideas for hiding that ugly foundation- fun projects, tips and tutorials . diy tutorial ~ add a stone veneer to a concrete foundation wall: give a bare, untreated foundation wall a finished look with an affordable stone facing.

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cement patch could smooth the surface of the porch floor, including hiding any crack where the old an new part of the porch meet. paint the entire porch floor with a gray non-slip porch paint intended for cement. build new steps with the same stone or brick look you used for the face of the foundation and .