how to lay bender board

install edging. regular bender board was obvious choice but it required trench digging, which in our case created risk of mulch contamination. so we proceeded with trench-less solution. two pictures above show fragment of our yard edge before and after project completion.

bender board is difficult to place in a straight line (the thinner the strip, the more easily it bends). that being said, it's easy to cut with a saw and install without professional help. basically, all you need to do is lay the bender board out in sunshine to loosen it up. in the meantime, dig a small trench, set the .

how to install the various types of edging for your yard . cement borders often come in preformed sections of different shapes and styles, allowing for easier installation. wood edging . bender board is milled from redwood or made from composite materials, about

bender boards in your concrete patio? bender boards are usually made of redwood, but due to environmental concerns, a more commercialized version is produced . install the bender boards one at a time. make sure you place each bender board carefully and accurately.

bender board. both types of bender board require the separate purchase of stakes for installation. also, if you're using redwood or another type of wooden bender board, it's helpful to soak it in water for several hours or overnight to soften it up .