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plastic and plastic composite technologies used to produce ecotrax® rail ties/sleepers and struxure® building products, and a vertically integrated re-processor and supplier of recycled plastic, .

purchase order for $925,000 of axion's ecotrax composite rail ties made with 100 percent recycled plastic and plastic composites. axion says ecotrax composite rail ties were chosen by the existing customer .

rail ties, which are extruded with its patented recycled structural composite (rsc) material. the company received a third purchase order for ecotrax from miami-dade transit (miami, fla.) through a sale made by miami-based eastern rail .

plastic railroad ties are excellent for landscape use will never leach chemicals into the soil like pressure treated wood. other sizes available.

plastic lumber, timbers, planking and piles, we offer the opportunity to replace chemically treated wood. our no maintenance products do not split, splinter, support wood . no maintenance and eliminate reconstruction by future project users. our motto is "buy it once and build it once.".

will these be available to the general public????? i love the look of railroad ties for my wall along my driveway????????. read more. show less. reply 1. phil jones3 years ago. i would appreciate an opportunity to speak with the guy with the beard about helping with a new product in a new billion dollar .

railroad ties surpassing others by an important feature - long life in.

one of the eight large railroads that operate in the united states will buy $15 million worth of recycled plastic railroad ties from axion international. axion, which makes composite building products and railroad ties from recycled plastic, has also built plastic bridges for the u.s. army. the railroad involved in .

railroad ties were traditionally made of wood in the past, but now pre-stressed concrete ties or composite railroad ties are widely used all over the world, especially in europe and asia. in china, nowadays most of railroad ties are made of pre-stressed concrete, so you can buy used railroad ties for sale from here.

railroad ties. they are virtually impervious to the elements; will not rust, splinter, crumble, rot, absorb moisture or leach toxic chemicals into the environment; and are completely impervious to infestation by insects. ecotrax® ties offer a lower lifetime cost than traditional materials.

composite railroad ties (sleepers) and other composite construction goods design and manufacturing.

plastic composite wood core railroad ties 270lbs near indestructible - southwest rv and marine boats for sale in austin, texas . build indestructble retaining walls, patio decks, bulkheads, bridges, piers design characteristics composite rail tie is a true composite structure, integrating desired properties from its .

railroad ties for sale on pinterest. | see more ideas about deck, back deck designs and deck colors.

railroad ties made from a dense composite plastic that serve a variety of purposes. they are heavy duty (not cheap, light recycled stuff)and won't rot or split like wood ties. they can be cut, drilled, screwed, nailed, or even painted. they are designed for actual railroad use, so they are heavy and durable .

composite railroad ties, which cost only twice as much as wooden ones and about the same as concrete, growth is negligible. out of 600 million installed . our first sales order was for two ties, the next for six, then 20, then 100, then 1200, recalls henry sullivan, president of tie tek. in 2000, tie tek landed .

composite cross ties. made from 100% recycled plastic. no toxic preservatives. impervious to moisture rot. non corrosive recyclable. does not conduct electricity. long lasting 50 years>. tested at the ttci of the aar in pueblo, .

plastic recyled railroad ties by markstaar intl. - called king recycled plastic railroad ties - distributed and sold by markstaar. markstaar's king manufacturing patented formula uses 100% recycled materials. king plastic recycled railroad ties come in 3 sizes 6 x 6 x 8', 6 x 8 x 8' and 8 x 8 x 8'.