sun frog deck sealer

deck with these easy steps. older composite decking is notorious for black algae stains. this step by step walk through shows you how to clean composite decking and then how to seal composite decking.

we recommend using sun frog deck sealer in a cedar tone. you can find a local retailer at or purchase it on line at that site. stains are a way to go if you want your furniture easy to care for. the advantage of stain, unlike paint, it will not peel or bubble and gradually fades over time.

we have tried several products over the last 4 years to keep our 5 year old cedar back-deck looking new and beautiful. the neighbors cottonwood trees dump on our poor deck every year and so it's a "june project" to re-do our deck. so, let me tell you this much from experience: year 1 sun frog: it came .

sealer and fasteners. many of our products are available unsealed either in our inventory or by special order. the standard sealer we use for our pre-sealed products is manufactured by sun frog in a mahogany tone. we also sell one-gallon cans of sun frog in the mahogany, redwood, and cedar tones, as well .

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deck location state: new york; full sun, partial shade, full shade: full sun; wood type: pressure treated pine; mold or mildew issues: yes; reason for previous stain failure: peeled and turned dark in color; previous stain brand and type of stain (solid, semi-transparent, transparent, etc): penofin .

deck, the railings, stairs and deck surface were destroyed due to lack of sealing and the strong sun we have in tennessee. i am looking for a semi-transparent brown/red stain / sealer than will cover some mold strains, hold up the direct sun (80% of day exposure to.sun) and potentially be useful for refreshing .

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