do you have to put a subfloor for decking tiles

you have a weak subfloor that flexes up and down when walked on i would recommend adding an additional layer of 3/8" or 1/2" thick plywood underlayment, glued and screwed down over the weaker subfloor will add stability. installing thinner wood flooring over an already weak or thin subfloor may cause the whole .

however, a home builder said it could be done easily, by laying hardiplank over the existing deck to created a solid subfloor, then the tile on top . i would never bid a job like that,if this home builder is willing to stand by it for a few years after completion you might want to check if its time for his medication.

subfloor for a wooden floor. there are two options for a wooden floor: plywood and osb. the information below will help you to choose the most suitable for your needs. a subfloor may raise a floor's height and stop a door opening smoothly. do not trim a door until after you lay flooring: it may be possible to hide a .

you can lay laminate or wood flooring on any smooth, flat surface as long as it's dry, firm and level. in most cases, you'll need to strip away all your existing floor coverings to reach the concrete or wooden sub-floor. but you can lay laminate or wood flooring over ceramic or vinyl tiles (although not over carpet, sheet vinyl or .

when it comes to installing new wood flooring, the success of your project will depend to a large extent on the preparation. preparation . as any regular reader of this blog will know, if you're laying a new wood floor over an old plank sub floor, there are several things you need to take into consideration.

plywood used as underlayment for sheet vinyl flooring should also have a sanded, smooth surface on the topside. avoid using materials with . if, for example, you are installing vinyl in a bathroom, you will want to make the floor break under the door going into the bathroom. set the depth of your circular .

tiles or laminate flooring is an important task, let us show you how to do right . before you get started. a subfloor provides a base for a . lay plywood. 1. when laying the plywood, make sure that no floorboards are loose, as a subfloor must be laid on a surface that is as rigid as possible. 2.

subfloor properly prepared will make the tile go down smooth and easy . it's important to use decking screws because they do not rust or rot like untreated screws. 3. it is important to lay the tile in a . not at an angle. begin laying the tile at the kitchen entrance, so you'll have a clean line at the most visible spot.

can be comprised of what we call "on grade or structural panels" deck tiles in both our interlocking series and structural series create a durable custom outdoor floor . in addition you will have a hardwood deck that would normally cost many thousands of dollars to install and build by a professional carpenter/deck builder.

you need to know to guarantee a . this is not my favorite way to install tile, but it can be done, as long as the existing tile and subfloor are in good condition, and the old tile is thoroughly cleaned and .

subfloor is dicey, even with a layer of backer board. avoid tile and . wooden subfloors in older houses need to be strengthened and stabilized before backer board and tile are installed. the best method is to . with the plywood in place, install the backer board as you normally would. to avoid .

you can get heated floor kits that are made up of an orange or black mat that already have the wire wound through it. kind of like this one here. all you do is roll the mat out and lay your tile right on top! if (when!) we do another heated floor, that's definitely that style that we'll go with. as it went though, we did .

subfloor: plan ahead. plywood is rated for use, based on whether it's for interior or exterior applications, and what type of material you plan to use for the finished floor. available in standard sheets of 4 x 8 ft (1.2 x 2.5 m), your work will be easier if you minimize the number of cuts you need to make to .

homes can come with carpeting, tile, laminate or wood covering. if you ever consider redoing the floor covering in your mobile home, it's important to consider what materials you put down as an underlayment. you need cushioning between the subfloor and the floor covering, but the padding type varies for .

subfloor is new, it must be left to cure 28 days before tiling. cleanliness is paramount. besides any surface materials, be sure to remove any grease stains, or other substances that have stained the slab as best you can. cement backer board can provide a solid, flat surface to install tiles on if you have a wood .