composite decking class action lawsuit

in december 2013, a federal judge granted final approval of a settlement to a class-action lawsuit filed against trex company. the complaint, which was originally filed in 2008, alleges that the company advertises its outdoor decking material products will last 25 years without rotting or splintering when, .

early composite decking products were porous blends of plastic and sawdust that tended to stain and fade easily. buyers complained of mold and mildew build up as well as warping and cracking boards. some of the major decking manufacturers even faced class-action lawsuits for the sub-par products.

trex decking mold growth? find out if you qualify for a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

i had the usual problems(rotting, discoloration, warping, etc.) on my deck built in spring 2005- problems began within 2 years. after researching these problems on the internet, i have decided to join a class action lawsuit against the sobs. trex settled a similar lawsuit for the exact same problem by setting .

winchester-based manufacturer trex said on wednesday that a court has approved a settlement in a nationwide class-action lawsuit that alleged that some of the company's composite decking products were.

several years ago it settled a previous class action for first-generation trex and timbrex decking and railing alleged to rot, splinter and degrade. that settlement was for products sold up to july 31, 2004. the suit was approved for class action by the superior court of new jersey in newark, n.j. under terms .

this entry was posted in product reviews rants and raves and tagged trex trex class action trex class action lawsuit trex deck trex decking trex flaking trex . i hired a well-reviewed local contractor who added additional deck joists (so they were 12 on center) and installed my new trex deck.

composite decking shows signs of severe premature aging . and sagging; splitting and cracking; chalking and discoloration; mold and mildew growth. if you're dealing with a defective product like this, contact our attorneys to learn more information about class action cases.

class action lawsuit in which the plaintiffs allege that certain trex composite decking railings, and fencing material is susceptible to mold, mildew, fungal, or other dark or gray growth or spotting, or color variation or color fading. case documents: trex mold and color .

trex to pay $8m to settle deck fungus class action. by lance duroni . the settlement resolves lawsuits brought by 11 plaintiffs across the u.s. beginning in 2009, who alleged the wood-plastic composite decks they purchased from trex were quickly plagued by fungal spotting and discoloration.

class action lawsuit alleges that oasis composite decking is defective and the defect(s) render the deck material prone to severe cracking, warping, and discoloration after installation. furthermore, the decking prematurely fails requiring replacement far sooner than consumers reasonably expect. this class action .