clean a cedar deck clorox

but there's a tremendous amount of misinformation in the building community about how to the care for new decks. out of curiosity, i frequently ask employees of home centers and paint stores how to approach deck cleaning and sealing jobs. i have yet to get the same recommendation twice.

bleach based cleaners have recently been found to damage the wood's lignin that will help bind the cellular structure of the wood. pros: premixed in liquid form. excellent mold and algae remover. cons: may cause damage to the wood cells. average cleaner. examples: behr 2 in 1 deck prep, clorox deck .

prior to re-stainning your deck or fence it is important to clean the wood area first. properly cleaning the material ensures that the stain you apply will adhere properly and last longer. proper cleaning of the wood will also bring the fence back to life and make it look newer. over time, dirt, mold, moss, grease .

decks make a beautiful addition to the exterior of any home. over time, decks can become dirty and stained. whether from their exposure to the elements or growth of mold and mildew, a dirty deck diminishes the overall appearance of the home's exterior. fortunately, you can clean a deck with chlorine .

deck and siding brightener and clorox oxy magic. to use the cleaner on your deck, simply mix the powder with the recommended amount of warm water, and work in sections across your deck, wetting the deck, allowing the product to sink in, .

clean a deck. deck cleaning doesn't seem that hard, but my husband wants to use a pressure washer thinking it will save time. i want to use a green cleaner that's non-toxic and environmentally safe. what's the proper way to clean a deck and keep it .

deck cleaning remove black mold and mildew stains | open wood pores | prepare the deck for deck stain | nuetralize tannic acid | remove mill glaze . this has shown to be a vital part of deck prep since tannins can cause coatings to fail especially on cedar, ipe', mahogany and other exotic wood types. if wood is .

however, some commercial cleaners contain strong alkali (sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide). these ingredients help to remove residual finishes on the wood surface, but can cause even more surface damage than chlorine bleach. the photo below shows a person cleaning a deck with oxygen .

a pressure washer could become your most valuable tool on chore day, helping you tackle a range of tasks in record time. that includes reviving a tired, old wood deck in less than 30 minutes, as this video demonstrates. but mishandle a pressure washer, and it can blast your wood deck (or siding or fence .

deck is to clean it, so it can absorb a new finish. traditional cleaners such as clorox and tsp aren't at the top of the list for environmentally friendly products. this is for good reason. sodium hypochlorite produces dioxin and tsp releases phosphates into our rivers and streams. you may be .

regular clorox bleach is not the best way to clean a wood deck. regular clorox bleach will break down the wood, make nails rust faster, kill grass and plants, and take years off.

deck with this mixture, using a brush or sponge to scrub siding. avoid using pine-sol on wood that is unsealed, waxed, oiled or visibly worn. step4. use full-strength pine-sol cleaner on tougher stains, rinsing with water immediately after cleaning.

for years, we've used chlorine bleach to clean and kill mildew and mold. but if you're using it on your wooden deck, you could cause real damage.