how to clean the gaps between decking

if you own a deck or porch, you know there's work to be done! after winter, there's bound to be stains, dirt, and grime that has been left to sit and settle into the boards and between the gaps. before you bring the patio furniture back out, there are a few ways you can actually ruin the look of your deck if you're .

if the gap between decking boards is less than 3/16", organic debris such as leaves, seeds or pollen can settle on the deck and clog gaps . when taking care of wood decking, in addition to the mold and mildew prevention tips above, you will need to clean your deck semi-annually and seal and stain it as .

deckno sandingdeck restoredeck paintinghouse deck. here's the easy way to restore the look and feel of your wooden deck. no sanding! this also works to improve the look of your cement patio. we have the step-by-step instructions on how to use restore .

i am redoing a deck with 1 in space between boards and multi layers of paint/stain. removing boards is not an option (unfortunately) and power washing failed to remove the coatings. i need to resort to sanding/ paint removal liquids (i guess). would prefer to sand but am at a loss for tool. my dremel would .

cleaning solutions or pressure washers can damage your deck furniture, and excessive trash littering the deck will make washing ineffective. bring any patio chairs, . check in-between plank slats for hard-to-reach debris. 3 . just as well. you can use a metal putty knife to scrape and clean the spaces in between boards .

the deck groove cleaner is a durable tool for cleaning between the deck boards, helping you avoid dry rot. learn more at: .

to clean between deck boards, use a putty knife or an old handsaw. if the spaces between boards are too narrow for either tool, consider widening them with a circular power saw. set the saw's blade depth to the thickness of the deck boards, and make careful passes with the saw along the seams.

cleaning the deck. step 1 brush the whole surface of the deck with the stiff-bristled broom to remove any loose dirt and debris. if your deck boards are ridged, make sure you brush in the direction of the grooves. use a thin metal rod or weed hook/scraper to clean out the gaps between the decking boards.

cleaning tool was designed to let you remove all sorts of debris from your deck without bending over. curved blade is 2 3/4 wide and 1/16 thickspecially made for extracting troublesome leaves and sticks that get lodged in the tight space between the boards. you can also use it to eliminate weeds from .