deck below the lower deck

deck refers to a structural member tying the ships frames or ribs together over the keel. in modern ships, the interior decks are usually numbered from the primary deck, which is #1, downward and upward. so the first deck below the primary deck will be #2, and the first .

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lower deck (countable and uncountable, plural lower decks). (countable, nautical) the deck of a ship immediately above the hold; (uncountable, nautical, by extension) those members of a ship's company who are not officers.

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deck, below the main deck, there were usually two messes, one on the starboard side and one on the port. the starboard mess was home to fourteen communication-ratings, w.t. operators and, signalmen, while on the port side were the torpedo men's mess occupied by the depth-charge crew and the .

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deck below the main deck. synonyms: third deck. type of: deck. any of various platforms built into a vessel. word family. lower decklower decks. the "lower deck" family. usage examples. all sourcesfictionarts / culturenewsbusinesssportsscience / medtechnology. on the lower deck people sit huddled in golden .

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lower deck, where all the people are, there is the sense of an outrageous and clarifying happiness. the ships are always packed to capacity, with passengers clinging to the upper decks. the lower deck, below the water line, was for cargo. the upper deck comprised the flight cabin and baggage holds and the .

lower deck definition, the lowermost deck in a hull having two or three decks. see more.

lower deck: the lowest deck in ships with two or three decks : a deck below the main deck.

the crew performs a battle drill, with lavelle and sito on the bridge at conn and tactical, respectively, and with taurik assisting lieutenant commander la forge in engineering. afterward, riker offers advice to sito on improving her performance, but snaps at lavelle for acknowledging with more than one "aye." captain .

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lower deck. aft the most honour, forward the better men. seamen's saying, recorded by young nelson in 1772. hms victory: lower gun deck hms victory - hammock and mess table on the lower gun deck. the vast majority of the crew of victory lived amongst the guns on the cramped, dark and dank gun .

decks of a cruise ship versus a lower deck.

on sailing warships it is usually the deck below the upper deck. 3. upper deck: the deck that covers the hull of the vessel from its fore to its aft is the upper deck. it is the topmost deck on a ship. in all vessels, the upper deck is the biggest deck amongst all other decks. 4. lower deck: the deck located below .

lower deck. lower deck synonyms, lower deck pronunciation, lower deck translation, english dictionary definition of lower deck. n 1. the deck of a ship situated immediately above the hold 2. informal the petty officers and seamen of a ship collectively noun 1 . noun, 1. lower deck - the deck below the main deck.

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