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in this article, we want to propose a few ways to help you remove mold off your decking. the first thing to say about mold or green algae is that it's a very common problem on decking and isn't something to be overly worried about. the bad news is that there appears to be no way of stopping it happening.

patio is a delight. but it's not surprising if, after years of constant exposure, it begins to look a bit worn and stained. whether yours is made of wood, brick, stone, concrete, or composite, routine maintenance and an occasional cleaning will ensure it always looks as good as new. basic care tips 1.

expert advice on how to clean, restore, refinish and maintain a wood deck, including protecting against wood rot, how to acid wash a deck, and apply a finish . a usable area, such as a second-story deck above a patio, before beginning be sure to protect the area below it with plastic sheeting or dropcloths.

composite and traditional wood decking can give your outdoor patio flooring a rustic, homey feel or a chic, . with composite decking, simply clean off your deck with soap and water when it gets dirty.

balconies are smaller. in addition, they may be made of wood, concrete or metal. in comparison, a deck is mostly made of wood or composite material. decks are usually found on the ground floor. then, they often adjoin a house and are usually slightly elevated from the ground. though decks tend to be roofless, some .

cleaning goes a long way. learn how to clean your trex composite deck with our tips.

cleaning steps to help keep your wood and composite deck tiles looking beautiful and new. these tips will make your . easy to install and care for, wood and composite deck tiles are made for long-term convenience. however, they still . how often do you clean your deck or patio? click here to browse .

clean will extend the life of a concrete patio, a wood deck, or a stone walkwayand will make your outdoor zone gleam . if you're growing vegetables. coating the garden with water helps soap to slide off. if you want to be extra careful, you can drape some light plastic drop cloths over sensitive zones.

balconies have suitable flooring made of concrete, are relatively flat and have good drainage an ideal surface on which to lay your artificial turf. there are always . such is the versatility of artificial grass it can be laid on concrete, paving, brick, wooden decking or just about any hard surface. if laying on wooden .

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cleaning your plastic decking . the amount and type of oil and how long its been sitting on that plastic wood will all be factors in how well this goes since many outdoor plastics are petroleum products themselves, but if the stain is relatively fresh, automatic dish .

cleaning to finishing it so that you have all you need to spruce up your timber flooring . if looking to remove an existing finish, the wood should be stripped back to bare wood - we'll take you through how to do this in the step-by-step instructions below.

remove stains. due to the composite mixture of wood and plastic contents in a wpc decking, stains may not be easily removed. hence, whenever there is a spill . for your outdoor balcony; make sure that you have a good period of warranty years for the product by the manufacturer, the credibility of the flooring contactor is .

wooden table, chairs and fruit and vegetables in plant pots on patio decking in garden. brian north/getty images. a beautifully refinished wood deck not only looks great and extends the life of the wood, but it may also help improve the resale value of your home while allowing it to sell faster. refinishing a .

balcony floor, choose one of these decorating options to make it prettier . wood decking apartment balconies many apartment . fake grass dog potty patches are easy to clean, and some even clean themselves by rinsing themselves with water that then drains off the side of the balcony.

floor decking makes it easy to refresh your terrace or balcony. the floor decking can be cut if you need to fit it around a corner or a pole; you can easily take the floor decking apart and put it together again if you want to clean the floor underneath. you can easily protect your floor against wear and tear by reglazing it on a .

cleaner. 2. protect all shrubs and plantings. wet them and cover them with plastic sheeting. 3. thoroughly sweep the deck. 4. choose an appropriate cleanser. wood deck: use a standard deck cleaner and follow its directions. some require the decking to be wet first. some don't.

artificial grass is not only on the football field used, but also on the balconies and garden terraces. the green carpet gives off a natural look. artificial grass for balcony floor is a very popular, and today we have for you 20 ideas on how to put the sod reply.

remove old deck boards and install new wood decking the right way so it will last . after all the old decking and nails have been removed, pull a string or extend a straight board on edge across the floor joists to make sure the joists haven't sagged. replace . install a diy composite deck.