how to build a planter box

and while i'm not a carpenter by any means, and i encourage all of you carpenters to add your recommendations in the comments section below so we can improve upon this version, i thought i'd show you how i did it, in case you want to take matters into your own hands too one day, and make a planter for .

build a planter box with a top and a bottom exterior frame, with cedar panels affixed to the frame and bottom. just add plants for a touch of spring anywhere.

d.i.y. planter will stand the test of time and become a permanent landscaping feature you'll be proud of for years to come. find out how with bunnings.

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build self-watering planters that i could leave for a week without watering. the results were amazing. the self watering planter boxes themselves were gorgeous, they kept rabbits and other critters from munching on my greens, and i went for weeks on end without having to water. i watered three .

planter is that you can be fussy building it or kind of casual. either option will result in an attractive project. use nearly knot-free cedar, with parts carefully cut and fitted, to produce a planter with clean lines and a furniture-like feel. or, use a knotty rough-sawn cedar and dispense with careful .

planting boxis the ultimate problem solver: it offers perfect drainage, protection from pests, and easy access to crops. and it's just the thing to turn your backyard into the farm of your dreams. follow our directions, and you'll be able to diy the 4- by 8-foot bed pictured here as a weekend .

decide how large (or small) you want your planter box to be. your decision should be based on how many plants you want to have in each planter, as well as the size of the area where you will be putting your planter. for this article, we will build a smaller box that is about 4 feet by 2 feet (121.9 by 60.9cm).