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slovenian government decided to fence slovenia off from croatia using many miles of barbed wire. it was done, supposedly, to protect the sovereignty of the slovenian territory from the mass inflows of refugees from croatia. not only did the border fence look ugly, but what is even more important the .

it seems whoever was doing the captioning for the news segment about the border fence being built by austria got a little confused. austrian soldiers are building a fence to improve the procedure for arriving refugees at the border austrian soldiers are building a fence between slovenia and austria photo: .

slovenian authorities have started building a razor wire fence on the border with croatia to control the huge flow of asylum seekers from africa and the middle east.

the barrier, due to be completed in less than six weeks, will be the first fence between two members of the passport-free zone, as europe battles with a record influx of migrants and refugees. barbed wire would be stored in nearby containers ready to be rolled out along the border if the situation escalated, .

slovenia has started erecting a razor-wire fence on the border with croatia to prevent uncontrolled entry of migrants into the already overwhelmed alpine state. (associated press). close. eu predicts 3 . it is also trying to seal deals with morocco, tunisia and egypt. one was signed with ethiopia as the .

strong local feeling over the slovenian fence on the border with the istrian peninsula in croatia is attracting coordinated opposition on both sides of the border . although the trip is long and difficult, syrians and other migrants who have already arrived in spain say that it is much safer and cheaper than the .

berlinaustria on wednesday said it plans to build a fence at its main crossing with slovenia, the first such barrier between two members of europe's document-free travel area, in one of the clearest signs to date of how europe's migrant crisis is undermining europe's institutions and sowing discord .

as more european borders shut down and migrants reroute to get to countries that will welcome them, slovenia says it is considering all options, including fencing off its croatian flank, which it says about 47000 people have crossed since saturday.

vienna (ap) austria, a strong critic of building of fences to keep out migrants, announced plans wednesday to erect barriers along parts of its own border, but insisted the move was meant solely to bring order into the flow of people entering the country. slovenia, the main migrant entry point into austria, .

slovenia's decision to erect a new border fence will strengthen the people smugglers and could lead to more violence, experts on the refugee crisis in croatia fear . this all also strengthens the [people] smugglers' network, who will increase the prices for getting people across certain smuggling routes, .

slovenia's prime minister says that "in the next few days" the country will start building razor-wire fences on the border with croatia to stem the number of refugees entering the country, but not to stop their arrivals entirely. "we decided yesterday to start building over the following days on the schengen .

slovenia said it was considering building a fence along its border after more than 47,000 migrants crossed into in the country in just a few days. the country has become . migrants buy children's fold up bicycles because they are cheaper than the adult versions. the migrants then make the 130 yard .