cost to put wood paneling on ceiling

wood panels add a wonderful feeling of warmth and also provide excellent sound insulation. cons: without adequate protection wooden ceilings are not fire resistant. wood panels are susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature and can bow, fracture or warp. cost: solid timber is between $75.95 and $249 .

wood ceiling adds home value, and you can't beat how good it looks . maybe these memories played into my recent decision to install a wood ceiling in our converted attic. in a space with two-foot knee . all in, it would have cost about $1,450 to drywall the ceiling in my attic.

panel ceiling with just 2x4s and fiberboard. it's inexpensive, easy to assemble and looks like a classic beamed ceiling when p.

hi there is house in nebourhood which have wood paneling in whole house i was wondering if somebody can give estimate of how much it cost to remove wood . thanks for helping make the site more useful to everyone. paint the ceiling white and the walls a nice cream color and the wood feel is gone.

cost to install coffered ceilings varies depending on the type of wood and the size of the room, but is usually about $25 per square foot . the installer uses wood, medium-density foam or fiberboard planks to create the grid pattern, then adorns the panels and beams with molding and other decorative elements based .

costs to install a drop or suspended ceiling, as well as acoustic tile pricing. learn pros . the tiles are made from fibers of mineral, plastic, tin, composite, and/or fire-rated wood. they are . they cost from $11.95 to $20.00 apiece for a 2'x2' panel, and are most often used as accents for a less costly material.

if you don't have wood underneath your sheetrock, you'll definitely need to drive your nails into the ceiling joists to make sure the planks stay up! . -the-lettered-cottage-for-a-pack-of-six-8-long-planks-at-lowes-eleven-dollars-each-pack-of-planks-covers-14-square-feet-it-only-cost-155-dollars-to-do-o/.

hello! we are planning to install this same product in a similar room tomorrow. we were planning on leaving unfinished, but have read about shrinking during the dryer months. curious if you've experienced any shrinkage since applying the wood paneling? i see in a previous comment you had not (years .

ceiling: cover it with affordable, easy-to-apply armstrong ceiling plank panels and paint for a fresh look . product costs, availability, and item numbers may vary online or by market . to cover an existing ceiling, install a plank system with tracks, or adhere the planks directly to the ceiling.

ceiling with lightweight tongue and groove wood planks . we priced out other planking, and even thought about using plywood and cutting our own planks, but none of those options even came close, as far as cost, to this planking . the old popcorn can sometimes make a ceiling a little waffly in places.

nonetheless, whether you're looking for the cost to drywall a ceiling, drop ceiling costs or any other ceiling project, the average cost to install a ceiling is $1,310. however, we . inside each panel, designs such as carved wood and crown molding create a more ornate effect specific to your home's design.