light weight flooring for boats

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weight and don't have the problems . flexiteek comes in the same colours to mimic the teak, however unlike teak flexiteek boat flooring stays the color you choose without the scrubbing and endless .

1. marine-grade plywood. marine grade plywood comes in different types. and it's not exactly what you might think it is. yes, it's high-quality plywood that's most often used for boat flooring. but it isn't waterproofit's just held together with waterproof glue. pros: lightweight, strong and usually defect-free, this .

weight ratio; consists of polyurethane foam filled throughout with layers of continuous strand glass and woven fiberglass; over 30% lighter than . is this being used in floors or aluminum boats in half inch thickness or is it not rigid enough.

lightweight structural marine honeycomb sandwich plywood for . interior walls exterior walls decks marine sliding doors floors ceilings . sing core outperforms other boat building materials in terms of strength.

marine litosilo x is a one component medium weight high strength leveling mortarbased on polymer modified cement with excellent flame resistance. the product has been specifically designed for heavy duty a-60 areas. always for interior decks and as part of a floating floor the sikafloor® marine litosilo x is .