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flooring you can bring that modern look to your home and know it is installed with care and patience! . book a free, no obligation design consultation today and we will arrange for one of our experts to visit your home, bringing samples along with 20 years' experience and advice on the best options for .

floor's designs for your new home or want to replace your old floor by a new one! . 43 modern and creative ideas of flooring designs . a swirled floral pattern weaves throughout the stained concrete floor serving as a durable alternative to commercial carpeting.

from kitchen floor tiles to polished concrete, we've got gorgeous kitchen flooring ideas to transform the heart of your home - whatever your budget . laminate isn't just a cost-effective flooring option modern laminates often come with long guarantees, are super-durable and can be used with underfloor .

floors so durable also make them easy to care for. properly sealed concrete floors shrug off dirt, grit, stains, spills, and hard impacts. a little sweeping and damp mopping is all that's required to keep them looking like new. beautiful design options: modern .

flooring is gaining popularity in modern interiors as it is considered as a great alternative to natural stone. the tiles are manufactured in so many colors and finishes that it is easy to find the right color for any type of interior design. for example ceramic slabs that look like wood are widely popular in modern or .

it can be tough to find a floor solution that stands the test of time whole being chemical, spills and stain resistant . epoxy floor coating makes renders concrete exceptionally durable. whilst some prefer a more traditional design, others want a modern feel or flair and it's all down to personal taste.

cork flooring is regarded as one of the better choices in flooring for natural sound insulation because it absorbs ambient sound and generally reduces noise; due to the elastic nature and miniature cells composition, it is an extremely durable flooring material. cork is worth considering for people with .

durable floors in action. check out these other sites to see how durable wood floors are being put to use. design connection let interior designer arlene ladegaard guide you through all things bamboo in this great article from her design blog. modern 24 seven this article from elizabeth sullivan's design blog caught .

follow our eight-part kitchen design video series as h h's reiko caron and contractor dave depencier create a dream open-concept kitchen. in this fifth episode, reiko picks the kitchen floors, and learns about the durable, low-maintenance laminate floor styles available at a home hardware building .

design board shows a collection of new design trends in the industry's patient and waiting rooms. | see more ideas about modern design, waiting rooms and healthcare design.

durable, pergo's vinyl floors can stand up to heavy traffic of commercial environments and require low maintenance . pergo's high-performance commercial vinyl floors are suitable for many commercial applications . our new modern plank designs have naturalistic textures that mimics nature perfectly.

modern flooring ideas and more with our expert guide.

floor coverings and durable sole combine high quality and durability in a modern first-class design. wood is one of the most popular materials because of its unique, are few. fresco in the collection timber is artistically staged in a new way. its perfect .

vinyl flooring is another versatile option that is available for people who want aesthetics at an efficient cost. available in designs that simulate hardwood and stone finishes, vinyl is one of the relatively inexpensive options in india. stain resistant and water resistant, these floors are quite durable. however .

floor tiles that suit any decor style. get inspiration for your kitchen floor with a range of luxury vinyl tiles borders energized by natural wood and stone design.

flooring materials are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. scratches and chips are barely noticeable, making these durable flooring ideas very practical and versatile, suitable for both, office and living spaces. contemporary products can mimic other traditional and new interior design materials, like wood, .

flooring is also very popular as a high end option and you can't beat vinyl if you're on a budget but, if you can afford it, we still believe that searching for kitchen floor tile ideas is the way to go if you want a great looking, easy to maintain and highly durable flooring solution for your kitchen. click here for .

floors: a sustainable and durable trend! . giving your kitchen floor a concrete finish can be achieved easily of you still in the design phase of your new kitchen . the idea of a modern kitchen and the seemingly traditional notion of a rough concrete floor might seem at odds on the surface of it all.