what is the hollow to floor

the hollow to hem measurement of each standard size. train length remains the same for all sizes.

hollow to floor *stand straight with feet together *measure in bare feet *begin at the hollow space between the collarbones and pull tape straight down to the floor *to fit high heels, we'll add an extra 5 cm onto custom-sized floor-length dresses and dresses with trains, height * stand straight with feet together * measure in .

the bridal store yesterday for a shortened hollow to hem . point of potentially ordering a dress from this designer is that they do custom fits, saving me money on alterations. i don't want to have to pay to have my hem shortened in the end, or wear 4 1/2 inch heels. what do you think?

sylvia okoye4 years ago. what is hollow to floor measurement?. read more. show less. reply 1 2. mel car3 years ago. hollow to floor measurement means from shoulder or as you would say collarbones to feet hollow to floor for anyone who is curious. it is how to take a perfect measure when you need to .

the right fit or size for your wedding dress? . make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and pulled evenly across the body with no slack. you may want to consider . hollow to hem: do this with the shoes you will be wearing with your full length gown or dress for best results. a short length dress .

what size you should enter, or include an approximate weight notation on your order form so we can make a determination here in the office. next, determine the length of the robe, based on your height (with your normal singing shoes on), and how far above the floor you want the .

the hollow to hem measurement is one of the measurements taken when determing wedding dress sizing, and measures the length of the body, starting at the hollow of the neck (the indentation between the collar bones, located at the base of the neck), down to the hem of the dress. the hollow to hem measurement can be .

a hollow to hem measurement is available on select wedding gowns. if there is a specific style that you are wondering about we would need to check that style # in the information provided to us from the designer. a hollow to hem measurement should be taken while wearing any undergarments that you .

one of the best parts about azazie dresses is that they can be custom made to fit your exact measurements for no extra cost. to get this perfect fit, azazie uses 5 key measurements: bust, waist, hips, hollow to floor and height. these numbers are then plugged into a program that helps us alter the patterns to .

what you plan to wear on your wedding day/party, and without bra or bustier. if you measure without shoes on, then please add your shoes' height to your height and hollow to hem (hollow to floor). our production team may not need all these measurements, but .

a: the best way to understand "hollow to hem" is to think of it as a guide to how long the dress will be when you put it on your body. it's really very simple. hollow to hem is the length from the depression or indentation at the base of the front of your neck to the edge of the hem on the skirt of the dress.

the dress neckline to hem, but rather from the center collarbone (hollow) to the hem of the dress. please see how to measure for an illustration and details. tea-length styles: br025: length is 47 ½" hollow to hem br084: length is 46 ½" hollow to hem

dress size chart. us size, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. uk size, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. eu size, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46. inch, cm, inch, cm, inch, cm, inch, cm, inch, cm, inch, cm, inch, cm, inch, cm. bust, 32 ½, 83, 33 ½, 85, 34 ½, 88, 35 ½, 90, 36 ½, 93, 38, 97, 39 ½, 100, 41, 104. waist, 25 ½, 65, 26 ½, 67, 27 ½, 70 .

the service and dresses i received for my bridesmaids dresses from mix bridal was fantastic. i was given colour swatches before deciding on the dresses and sally was amazing keeping me up to date and confirming sizes etc. any queries i had were answered quickly and i felt nothing was too much hassle. my bridesmaids .

the hollow is the indentation at the bottom of your neck, between your collarbones. the hem is the bottom of the dress. we highly recommend you have someone help you take this measurement. it's also very important that you wear shoes with a similar heel height to those you plan to wear on your big day. stand straight .

1 bust/chest. measure around the fullest part of the bust, keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor. 2 waist. measure the natural waistline . hollow to hem. 57 1/4. 57 1/2. 57 3/4. 58. 58 1/4. 58 1/2. 58 3/4. 59. 59 1/4. 59 1/2. wedding information . bridal, bridesmaids and wtoo .

what you plan to wear. wear the . hollow to hem: for this measurement in particular, it is crucial that you are wearing shoes that reflect the heel length of your wedding footwear. place the tape at the hollow base of your neck and measure down to where you want the hem to end. a full skirt .

the ordering process. i not only was able to get custom made dresses for a better fit .

how to measure your hollow to floor so we can tailor your dress to fit perfectly. please visit for more info.

what you need to know . when you're measured, wear shoes with a heel height similar to what you plan to wear on your wedding day, wear a similar bra or bustier and, if you have one laying around, . start the tape at the hollow at the base of your neck and measure down to where you want the hem.