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renovation professionals give ad the four steps you need for making your porch last.

the worn wooden porch and deck on my 100-year old house were in need of refinishing and repainting. here's how . it was made of pressure treated wood just like the rest of porch and deck; but i had a different carpenter building the table. his work . the decision on how to preserve the wood. after the .

this is to help protect them from the elements and to preserve their appearance by sealing surfaces against absorption of dirt and greasy stains . to any outdoor decks or porch floors, including steps, regardless of whether they were previously stained, painted or treated with a clear wood preservative.

wood choices for your outdoor porch flooring. like any wood, yellow pine is susceptible to cracks as dry and humid weather cause it to shrink and expand. in the interest of preserving your yellow pine porch from damage and unsightly fading, proper care is .

preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring historic buildings . firewood stored on a porch may trap moisture on the floor and harbor active insect infestation that can be ruinous to a wood porch. thick floor mats and carpeting also may trap moisture, leading to premature decay.

help it look its best and to protect it from the elements. here we're going to run through all stages of decking care from cleaning to finishing it so that you have all you need to spruce up your timber flooring.

wood is protected against decay and termite attack, the application of a water-repellent sealer to all exposed wood surfaces is recommended upon completion of construction. this sealer will help control surface checking (splitting or cracking) and provide an attractive appearance. over time, reapplication of .

compared to oil-based formulas, they're easier to clean up, have a lower odor and are often less expensive. however, most water-based coatings require more coats and still don't last as long as their oil-based or alkyd counterparts, which generally provide more long-term, wood-preserving durability.

wood every 12 to 18 months. excessive amounts of oil can puddle, and puddled oil doesn't dry. plus, puddling scuffs easily and can stick to furniture, feet, and shoes meaning the destruction of interior floors. so when you oil horizontal surfaces (especially decks), take .

patio, the preservation of wood in the outdoors is of vital importance to any homeowner or do-it-yourselfer. wit . unnatural: when building anything from rough or cheap lumber (like pine or plywood), preserving beauty generally isn't a high priority. as such, don't shy away from .

your porch or deck floor has to stand up to a lot of heavy foot traffic -- as well as the harrowing effects of winter freeze-thaw cycles, which cause the wood to alternately contract and expand, and harsh summer sun. all this can cause ugly bubbling, peeling, chipping, and cracking of painted surfaces. but even .

ways to preserve your porch floor . if you want a covered porch with tongue-and-groove flooring -- and you want it to last -- consider these tips from the southern pine council . and you can choose a wood-preserving, pigmented stain from nearly white to charcoal and any shade of gray in between.

working in a wet climate, like florida, i have assembled a very specific routine to prevent wood rot on anything i build that will be outdoors. the expense of pvc, fiber cement and . porches, window sills, hand rails, everything has to be sloped or designed to shed water. you have to think like water when .

expert advice on how to restore and maintain a wood deck, including protecting against wood rot, how to acid wash a deck, and maintaining composite decking . if you're working on a deck that is above a usable area, such as a second-story deck above a patio, before beginning be sure to protect the area .

the pigments protect the lignins, and thereby help prevent fibers from being released from the wood. in williams' study, wood that had . lignin damage is also what causes wood to gray, an issue for homeowners who want to preserve the original color of the wood on their deck. exotic hardwoods like ipe, .

floor paint. the best paint for porch floors and stair treads is a glossy floor paint, which is tougher and has a higher resin content than other outdoor paints . to four years. clear exterior finishes, intended to preserve the natural color of the wood, will last only a year or two before they peel and the wood begins to turn gray.

porch bench needed help to survive the elements. i have a lovely wooden bench on the porch that i got for free last spring, and it soon became my favorite coffee-sipping seat. it's sturdy and comfy, and right beside the bird feeders even the cat loves it. however, after weathering this summer's rainstorms, the finish .

iirc, i mixed it with turpentine, which i believe helps it soak into the wood. elsewhere on . to preserve the wood i used an old farmers recipe using linseed oil, which follows . we use it on actual tow behind trailer decks, it needs done once a year but prolongs the life of the treated wood that's on there.

preserving the wood, but were not very environmentally friendly. today paints have changed. in many ways they have become better than they have ever been. however, many homeowners and contractors blame the paint manufactures for the paint chipping off of the wood porch floor. the truth is .

wood and composite decks still need regular maintenance and care. even treated wood deteriorates over time, and the impact of water, humidity and sun exposure can have your charming, wooden oasis looking dirty and dingy after one season. let's take a look at five .