recycled plastic 4x4 posts

recycled plastic post is ideal for maintenance free fencing, and applications where the extra strength and durability of the ultra® specification is most suited.

recycled plastic lumber comes in your standard 2x4 and 4x4 planks, but can also be molded into 3-d shapes and curves unseen on the woodcutter's block. it can be . the environmental protection agency is now warming to 100-percent post-consumer plastic lumber, reporting that the products last longer .

post cap 4 ½" square routed top edge. pre-routed postcap for 4x4 or 6x6 post for great finish appearance. see more information on the custom post cap 4 ½" square routed top edge .

recycled plastic lumber will provide performance far superior to natural lumber and other products in many, many applications.

recycled plastic and fiberglass fibers; fiberglass formula provides strength and increased modulus of elasticity (stiffness). many applications. posts, beams, and joists; boardwalks and retaining walls; dock and deck plank; trails/walking bridges .