cheap ways to make a patio

simple recipe that would allow me to stain the pavers with custom colors (see project tips on page 2). unlike paints made specifically for concrete, this mixture lets you choose your own color palette. for our patio's design, we copied the pattern of a 1950s tiled wall in the neighborhood; .

create your deck plan! if you want to make your low-level deck as inexpensive and simple as possible, follow what i did! which is to use 2 x 6 pressure-treated beams spaced 24 in. apart on-center. the support for these joists provided by concrete deck piers needs to be placed at least every 8 feet.

simple tips and tricks for installing the perfect paver patio.

have to skimp on quality when building a cheap deck. just follow these few tips.

whether it's a small garden, a patio or a balcony garden, there are plenty of budget-conscious design ideas (or even diy tricks) to boost your space . from simple garden lighting to inexpensive outdoor furniture ideas, pretty planting to statement outdoor styling for summer garden parties, there are a .

inexpensive patio shade ideas, easy patio ideas and pergula patio . create an inexpensive patio using large pavers and gravel. tips on build small backyard landscaping ideas: cheapest way to build a fence for small backyard landscaping ideas with gravels and lawn also landscape .

diy. 32 cheap and easy backyard ideas that are borderline genius. can't afford that dream deck or in-ground pool you're dying for? there are still ways to get a beautiful backyard that's perfect for entertaining. posted on april 24, 2013, at 1:40 p.m. peggy wang. buzzfeed staff. share on facebook share;share on vk .

patios can be really hit or miss. get them right and the're valuable extra social spaces that your home can enjoy!

way to make an inexpensive walkway or patio. i wonder where the . cement walkway walk maker building form in the country stone pattern to create their budget-friendly outdoor patio space. diy backyard fire pit: simple, inexpensive weekend project that makes your backyard approximately 80 times more fun ; .

6 brilliant and inexpensive patio ideas for small yards . pavers are easy to install and inexpensive to repair -- and you can stain them to match the color of your home's exterior . these are only some of the ways to make your small yard feel more open and welcoming using your patio as the focal point.