installing a roof over a porch

roofs project as a single plane roof pitched away from the house. if you are tying the roof directly to a house wall you can install a ledger board with flashing and install rafter ties to attach the rafters at the appropriate angles or use engineered trusses. the opposite side of the porch roof will be supported by a header .

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installing a roof over the existing deck which is not made with the intention to support a porch can be dangerous. this is because decks require additional footings and load to support the roof. therefore, a roof should not be built onto an existing deck.

three types of roofs can typically be found over decks and porches: shed, gable, and hip. a shed roof . choose your two favorite roofing types, and then ask your handyman to provide estimates for each, whether as part of the overall deck building estimate or as a separate job later. you also can use one of .

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peter q brown shows the construction process for an attractive new roof addition over an existing concrete patio . whole extension set up later, and wouldn't it be safer to set up the whole addition on poured concrete posts that wouldn't put extra weight on concrete patio?.

adding a roof to your patio or deck . add flashing. use aluminum flashing to keep water from getting behind your ledger board. the flashing should tuck up under your siding and bend down over the ledger, then down the face of the ledger board.

patio is by building a permanent roof over it that's attached to your home. watch this video to find out more.

i decided on corrugated metal roofing because it's resistant to high winds, is light weight, and is structurally sound . bought the correct materials for the job by looking over my plan and suggesting shorter screws for the joist hangars and a lower grade of lumber for the areas of the patio cover that would not .

installing a porch roof over an existing deck is usually not recommended unless the deck was originally designed to support a future porch. typical decks are designed to support 55 psf (lbs per square foot). porch decks require 25 additional psf for roof loads for a total of 80 psf. as a result, most decks have inadequate .

building a shed-style roof over your existing porch is an easy project that can add some curb appeal, shade and value to your home. a shed roof is a simple design that basically attaches to your .

porch then building a porch roof addition can make the space even more useful and usable . also take a look for anything that could make attaching the roof difficult, including power cables, nearby trees, and phone wires . ensure the wood hangs slightly over the edge of the roof to help with run-off.

a tin roof over the porch can provide aesthetic appeal; and even the sound of rain hitting the tin emits a calming sound. using strong, thick wood and proper fasteners, your tin porch roof will last for years. 0. credit: images. corrugated tin roofing makes interesting runoff patterns .