composite flooring in a basement

laminate flooring made with a moisture-resistant plywood core are just some of the basement flooring options recommended by diy network.

laminate flooring is less expensive than hardwood, doesn't fade in the sunlight and is resistant to stains, impacts and scratches. here's how to install it. first, install a 6 mil plastic moisture barrier over concrete. you may need to trim the planks in the first row. cut the first plank in the second row to length. once you've made .

laminate flooring in houses is extremely popular in recent years. laminate basement flooring has both pros and cons. it flooring consists of a base layer such as plywood, which is followed by a layer of heat, moisture, and shock resistant material. the bottom layers are then capped by a decorative laminate layer.

flooring in their basements despite the risks of damage from the water vapor that may not be apparent until sometime later. wood floors may warp in . as a basement flooring choice, laminate is usually considered to have the advantage with solid hardwood. the hdfs in the .

laminate flooring. we should note too that if your basement is prone to flooding, laminate is on the list of poor flooring choices that includes carpeting, solid hardwood and engineered hardwood and we don't recommend that you attempt .