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bamboo profiles, stair tread and components, decking, screening, flooring and benches.

exterior bamboo decking for decks, siding and outdoor structures has arrived. find out what kind of bamboo will handle the outdoor environment and what won't . strong enough to end match grooved boards between joists. this means less waste, less cutting, and faster installations similar to regular flooring.

exterior bamboo products are manufactured from the highly durable moso bamboo plant and laminated using the latest technologies utilising patented designs. we are the only suppliers in the u.k. specialising in laminated bamboo products perfectly suited for extreme outdoor weather conditions and offering a 25 year .

bamboo xtreme decking 1.85m x 137mm x 20mm. £53.66sqm. a beautiful exterior decking product with all the qualities of a tropical hardwood! bamboo xtreme is a solid, high-density bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo strips. bamboo xtreme is suitable for outdoor applications, especially as decking.

bamboo is a gorgeous and strong material that wears well. it is incredibly versatile which makes it possible to craft different finishes and styles. so, with bamboo flooring, there is something for everyone. but is there a bamboo floor for everywhere?

bamboo flooring, bamboo worktops, bamboo panels veneers, bamboo decking and cladding as well as other bespoke products.

bamboo wood is a versatile and tough flooring product. it is decorative, useful and globally popular. bamboo wood flooring is not only meant for laying aesthetically beautiful floors but also has multiple uses in construction, from building exterior rafters and walls, to doors and roofing tiles. where can you install bamboo wood .

bamboo flooring for exterior applications. moso® uses a unique patented process to alter the hardness, dimensional stability and durability to a level superior to the best tropical hardwood species. bamboo x-treme® decking .

bamboo is certainly growing in popularity, and is the second most popular non . whether opting for bamboo or any other material, homeowners can transform even the smallest of gardens and patios into a well maintained outdoor space .