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hevea brasiliensis, grown mostly in southeast asia via community farming. this species is planted for rubber . heveatech® utilizes this "waste" and with our best technology engineering, transforms it into a high quality wood product. this further justifies .

outdoor spaces. wood and composite decking.

decking. wolf serenity decking. with colorwatch technology. low-maintenance decking that repels moisture and maintains color to give you long-lasting beauty. explore. setting outdoor table on composite deck. wolf perspective decking. with fiber sequencing technology. durability and style .

deck-fastener-new hidden fasteners or invisible decking fixings / clips, which will create smooth nail/screws free surface of your deck from our manufacturer deckwise .

decking. when it comes to stability, structural integrity, durability and resistance against pest infestations, nothing comes close to heveatech, an eco- friendly product without the intended felling of trees. with its consistency in colour and substrate, it minimizes maintenance efforts, which allows .