pvc panel extrusion south africa

south africa extrusion world offers a wide selection of aluminium extrusions, with a wide range of different aluminium profiles in our standard catalog to meet your needs.

extrusions is south africa's leading aluminium extruder that produces creative product designs requiring fewer components.

plastic components in particular for the automotive, furniture and agricultural industries. extrusion and injection moulding are the shaping processes that we use most frequently. along with 11 other production and warehouse sites, oke south africa is part of the oke group .

pvc door panel machine line. everplast machinery co., ltd. is an industrial pvc door panel machine line manufacturer from taiwan. everplast has been providing extrusion equipment for producing pipes, profiles, soft pipes, doors, compounds, wpc, and tooling with sophisticated extruder technologies.

sa (pty) ltd was established in 1997 and initially focused mainly on the production of automotive components, but has since expanded into other markets such as . the structure is made of extruded pvc panels which are manufactured to a thickness of 70mm. a width of 411mm and a variety of lengths.

panels can be pre-cut to your specifications to suit your largest and smallest needs. reduce construction time and cost: the lightweight materials are easy to handle, fit a variety of conventional roofing, door and window systems, and can include built-in .