repair scratches on vinyl deck railing

shiny new deck rails can get scuffed during installation. here's how to buff a scuff and the railing look like new.

railings should be cleaned more frequently. always rinse with fresh water to remove any residual soap. avoid using a dry sponge, which may scratch the surface. use regular glass cleaner for glass. to remove minor scuffmarks or .

pvc trim does pick up some scratches over time. because the trim isn't usually painted, scratches are in the plastic itself, not simply on a surface finish. nonetheless, pvc's softness makes it .

vinyl deck is low maintenance, it does require some basic care to keep it clean and the vinyl in good repair. stains are the main concern on vinyl, since staining agents can eventually soak into the material and become permanent if the deck and its railings aren't . rub the eraser over the scuff until it's gone.

grant barlow, deck waterproofing authority, discusses your options when repairing a vinyl waterproof deck covering. his 30 y.

some quick tips to keep your fiberon composite deck looking its best . even so, composite decks do require simple, routine care. here's how to keep your fiberon deck . tools such as a spatula or putty knife may be effective in removing debris; however, they could scratch the decking. use them carefully.

decks, especially wood decks, can look weathered even when they are structurally sound. the weather in the pacific northwest takes a toll on a deck. sometimes a good scrub and minor repairs will right what's wrong. at other times, major repairs or a new deck is the answer.

railing to maintain the beauty of the surface. for color transfer issues (from attachment of baluster spacer), use mr. clean, magic eraser original or magic eraser extra power to help remove this.**** for small surface scratches, marks or scuffs, use .