how to attach upvc fascia boards to existing wood

fitting fascia boards to a roofline . 5 reasons why you should never cap over fascia boards . below you can find the 5 reasons why i never recommend capping over the existing fascia and soffit boards, i also feel you should think twice before trying to save money by .

existing painted wooden fascias and soffits cladded with upvc and wanted to know if it is ok to just clad straight over the existing original ones or would . he initially said there was nothing he could do as the felt was needed to protect the guttering but after being persistent with him he agreed to try and stick it .

existing guttering and attaching a pvc cappit board to the timber fascia. although, capping over . full roofline replacement is a long-term solution that involves removing the existing wooden fascia and replacing it with a new pvc fascia board. you can expect .

upvc flat plastic soffit fascia board general purpose utility board 9mm thick. next day . 90 degree corners, straight joints, finials, 135 degree corners, internal corners will fit all makes of upvc fascai board . this product can be used to cap-over existing wooden fascia boards provided the wood is in good condition.

although this tip is about replacing existing upvc front facing fascia boards, it could be used to start from scratch. but bear in mind there is more work to do from scratch. the original wooden fascia panels have to be removed and an pvc underside also needs to be added. this video should be a good guide .

upvc plastic fascia boards? find out how to fit plastic fascia boards to your home and order the upvc fascia boards you need direct from the manufacturer.

upvc soffits and fascias are hardwearing and cope well with exposure to moisture. wooden soffits are a popular rustic or period feature, but they are more likely to rot and decay quickly, threatening the integrity of the rest of the roof structure. fascias are traditionally a softwood board which is mounted to .

fascia boards - what is the cost of capping fascias - the truth on capping or cladding v replacement with price list.

pvc fascia and soffit from the man knocking on the door are under the impression that their timber fascia and soffit is being fully replaced, this is usually not the case. what most of these people do is to fit a low quality lightweight pvc fascia on over the existing wood without even replacing .

fix a length of fascia or cover board, clear a whole side of the building of guttering etc. and fix a horizontal builders string line along the side of the building so that all sections of board can be levelled to the same line. cover fascia the figure to the right shows an existing wooden fascia clad with upvc, if you .

i'm having my existing painted wooden fascias and soffits cladded with upvc and wanted to know if it is ok to just clad straight over the existing original ones or would that potentially . take them off and do a proper job is my advice wont take long to remove them and you'll still be left with plenty to fix to.

fascia is re fitted, we fit a rigid pvc under felt and over fascia eaves guard which sits snugly under the damaged felt line and once the guttering is fitted the guard will dress over and into the gutter. we then remove the guttering and then take down the existing wooden fascia board and wooden soffit board.

existing boards like many cowboys do, the existing timber fascia and soffit boards should be removed using a crowbar/pry-bar . the new upvc soffit boards are fixed to the underside of the timber rafter ends with stainless steel plastic capped nails. timber . step 3) fixing the fascias. fascia get .

fascia boards date back to classical greek architecture. fascias are the horizontal band below the roofline which the guttering attaches to. most fascias in the uk are now predominantly made from upvc due to them being so low maintenance and durable. upvc soffits bridge the gap between the fascia board .

install new pvc-u fascia and soffit boards, the cap over method or the full wood removal method. the full wood removal method means exactly that, where all the existing fascia, soffits and if the house has gable ends, bargeboards are fully removed and then replaced by new pvc-u boards.

q what is your view on pvc fascia boards, specifically pvc covers over wooden fascia boards, and from a functional viewpoint rather than aesthetically? presumably if the existing boards are in good condition it will prevent further decay and will not require as much maintenance? rm, maidstone.

gutter man explains the cap over option by replacing the rotten timber only, drilling the wooden soffit, fitting under felt support tray, fitting seamless gu.

wood fascia and soffit boards first or do i just attach the upvc over the old wood which is not in too bad a condition. regards ian . the fascia to cover and fix to the existing is 9mm thick with a return on the bottom, with a depth to suit you. to strip off the old .

boards are used to cap over existing timber fascia boards. they should only be used where the existing timber that is to be covered is sound and free from rot. cover boards are traditionally 9mm thick and are available in a range of board widths from 100mm to 275mm. all of our cover boards are 5 metres in length.

fascia installers who wish to understand the basic techniques and methods used to fit new cellular pvc fascias and soffits. swish regards safety and quality as . swish recommends that installers follow industry best practice and fully replace existing fascia and soffit boards. swish also recommends the use of .