cover cracked concrete patio for cheap

the cement slab was once a play area for children, but is now cracked and needs to be removed and updated. the size could be reduced to save . if the concrete area needs frequent sweeping, grass or ground cover growing between the cracks will make this more difficult. i think the concrete looks pretty .

concrete slabs are typically divided into sections by expansion joints, which help control cracking. the ½- to ½-inch-wide joints are usually filled with asphalt-saturated felt, a wood 1x4 or plastic channel. these joints must remain exposed to allow the slab to expand and contract; don't cover them with the cement top .

concrete patio, and that i'd like to cover with brick pavers. can i do this without using mortar? according to several paver manufacturers, paving blocks can be installed on top of concrete without mortar if you first lay down a 1/2 to 1 bed of coarse sand. the process is nearly identical to laying a paver .

how do you reuse an old, cracked, concrete patio and make it look better than when it was originally poured? easy, read on. first, a secret . the finished product was magnificent beautiful, artistic and best of allsuper inexpensive comparatively speaking. this is a rustic look and may not work with .

patio when you can level the concrete . whether your whole concrete slab or only some sections have sunk, slab jacking is one option to repair the damage . place a leveling layer of sand on the surface to cover any depressions and tamp it down so that it will settle once the concrete is poured.

repair concrete steps by patching and resurfacing them . step repair 01:33. jason cameron and crew repair a crumbling concrete porch and steps . for the edge of the step use a nose tool or nodder and use a cove tool or cover to shape the rounded portions where the steps meet.

stamped concrete or patio pavers? learn the difference between both and which option will best fit your unique needs.

cracked concrete patios can be such an eyesore and not the sort of place to enjoy relaxing with your family and friends. now you may think that replacing old concrete would be far too expensive, but there's much cheaper options than digging up the whole lot and replacing with a new patio. simply covering the existing .

cracked concrete patio.

how to make your patio look new again for less than $100 with olympic rescue it! deck and concrete resurfacer . with the proper preparation, i could get a like-new patio that would also withstand the elements and fill in cracks which might even help the patio not look like this again in the future.

fixing existing concrete patios. includes . resurfacing with a cement-based overlay or microtopping is a great option for adding a decorative touch to an existing concrete patio while covering up minor flaws and . if the concrete slab is settling or is badly cracked, resurfacing may not be a viable option.

for an area that size over 24m2 you wont get much for 600 pounds ,2k was a good quote for indian sanstone ,even the cheap yard slabs work out around 15.

can you give me some suggestion :the video come from : wpc material advantage (1) waterproof, moisture-proof. the fundamental s.

so, what causes a patio to settle in the first place? prior to the concrete being installed, the ground is prepared by compacting the earth underneath with heavy machinery. in most cases, this compacted surface will either be gravel or at least covered with a layer of gravel. these steps are taken to prevent the .