hollow to floor measurement definition

hollow to hem or nape to floor because our philosophy is those measurements are inconsistent and may vary from . you may email us these measurements later, however rest assured we will ask for them or you can ask for a sizing guarantee waiver - meaning your fit is not .

explain to you that you want to measure and use the size charts prior to ordering. children's . no matter who you order your flower girl dress from, you need to clarify what the size chart really means . hollow to hem: measure from the base of the neck (hollow of the neck) to the floor barefoot.

measure, your tape measure should be placed on a wall with the zero at the floor and the 60 at the top, and then taped in place. the person being measured should stand with their back to the tape measure. you can see the actual robe length by looking at the number at the base of the neck, and then 9 inches .

hollow to hem is when they custom order the gown based on your measurements from collarbone to the hem. your bridal store is wrong. helpful (1). reply. post # 3. member. 2954 posts. sugar bee. mrswhitneyc2015; 3 years ago. wedding: september 2015. the store is wrong. the hollow to hem means that the dress's .

hollow to hem' measurement? repost like. videojugbeautyandstyle. by videojugbeautyandstyle. follow 2.7k. 1 920 views. trying on wedding gowns. more. publication date : 01/05/2011; duration : 00:49; category : lifestyle how-to. dailymotion; about;press;jobs;blog .

measurement can be particularly important if you're buying an item of clothing or a pattern without seeing it. you can figure exactly where the hem will fall by holding the end of your measuring tape at your shoulder and letting it fall (or you can find the appropriate inch mark and hold that at your shoulder, whereupon the .

hollow to hem. this is the distance from your hollow to the hem of the dress. how to measure. hold the measuring tape at your hollow while a friend pulls it down to the length you want your dress. tips: when taking this measurement, stand straight with your feet together. we define knee length as the area just below your .

measure. measure with undergarments similar to those you will wear with your dress. do not measure over other clothing. make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and pulled evenly across the body with no slack. you may want to consider getting yourself professionally measured. consult the size chart .

meaning to say thank you. i received . plus, seamstresses usually take the measurements without referring to our guide, which might result in a poor fit . back shoulder width; bust; under bust; mid-shoulder to bust point; waist; hips; hollow to hem; shoe height; arm circumference; armscye; sleeve length; wrist.

hollow to hem: for this measurement in particular, it is crucial that you are wearing shoes that reflect the heel length of your wedding footwear. place the tape at the hollow base of your neck and measure down to where you want the hem to end. a full skirt requires that you measure out at an angle to reflect the fullness of the .