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korea at davos forum posco climbed to 35th place by five notches from last year more +. the most competitive steelmaker in the world ceaseless innovation and value creation, posco's challenge for a bigger leap will continue. more +. posco marketing .

seoul. cheongun residence by hyundai kim + tectonics lab. arched openings punctuate brick-clad house in seoul by tectonics lab. south korean studio tectonics lab has completed a house for a retired professor in seoul, featuring pale brick facades interrupted by arching windows that frame views from .

mike tyson had a famous saying: everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth. north korea's pugnacious tyrant, kim jong-un, has just punched the world in the mouth again. and whatever plan the us has, it isn't working, writes stan grant.

post-industrial material. the key environmental characteristics of dupont corian® external cladding are: a ventilated façade system that allows for thicker insulation and therefore lower energy costs. durable and robust, panels can usually be repaired, if necessary, rather than .

the korea tourism organization (kto) invited the jakarta posts indah setiawati and a group of journalists from other asian countries to explore a number of cities along . his role as the titular immortal called the goblin further sent him to global fame as the tv drama was well-received outside the country.

a year after protests by bar owners brought the popular songtan entertainment area outside osan air base to a near-standstill, the 7th air force says its . most of the scantily clad women who used to be seen smoking and waiting for male customers have disappeared, though two female employees in .

around 600 high-rise buildings in england have some form of exterior cladding and urgent tests are being done to determine whether they're a fire risk . other urgent safety measures were being implemented, including the installation of sprinklers in each of the tower blocks, he added. in all the buildings .

the controversial cladding fitted to the outside of grenfell tower may have given off highly toxic hydrogen cyanide gas, as it emerged some victims of the . he said there is a huge amount still to do for the victims in very challenging circumstances and added: if i stayed in post, my presence would be a .

outdoor couple's dream on geoje island! . teaching jobs korea -- wednesday, 29 november 2017, at 7:07 a.m.: korea international school - bilingual business office staff (non teaching) positions in pangyo and gangnam, south korea korea .

the design of grenfell tower might have helped the deadly fire that ripped through it spread, according to experts. the building was covered in cladding that spread the fire quickly up the entire 24-storey building, according to architects and firefighters.

cladding many (most!)- surfaces, inside and out, with tiled installations. it is also a pop-up gallery. every may, during the brighton festival, i open the house to the public and curate exhibitions of international contemporary ceramics within this .

installation at seoul biennale . limestone louvres and boxy windows cover the angled walls of this home outside seoul, which was designed by local studio to house three generations of the . four floors clad in slim red bricks sit above the concrete base of this office and .

earlier in 2015, the outside of another skyscraper in the persian gulf caught fire, and the exterior cladding was charred from the 50th floor to the top of the . fires since 2009 on skyscrapers in countries around the world including china, the united arab emirates, russia, turkey, france and south korea.

business is so-so, said suh hee-yeon, the owner of one us forces korea-approved real estate agency on the main drag, which offers housing for those who will live outside the base. she has been here for a decade and doesn't welcome the new firms that have arrived as the garrison nears completion.