fairfax setback limits for decks

deck. how close to the lot line can these structures be built? the distance from any proposed addition to the property lines is regulated by the minimum yard requirements (setback requirements) set forth in the zoning district regulations in the zoning ordinance.

restrictions or limitations imposed herein. l. to foster a more rational . of a flat roof or to the deck line of a mansard roof, or to the average height level between eaves and ridge for . garage, private--a building, constructed according to the city of fairfax's set-back regulations, that is .

restrictions, the existing deck must be specifically strengthened to resist the new loads, like snow and/or wind loads, imposed by the new roof and/or walls. for zoning questions, please . if you add lattice, the deck is then considered an addition with different set-back requirements than a deck. for more .

setback requirements," and other restrictions, regulate the location of structures on a lot . the construction of a deck is also regulated by the minimum yard requirements, but, depending on the height and features of the proposed deck, it may be permitted to .

just because your contractor has worked in nearby fairfax county with a valid fairfax business license, that doesn't grant the contractor the right to work in any other virginia county. ii. virginia deck contractor license. in addition to a valid county business license, your contractor also needs a virginia .

fairfax zoning requirements. single family and . floor area ratio (far) (town code chpt.17.136) - the maximum floor area for single family residences and duplexes shall . setback and may exceed 15' in height if the finished floor elevation of the parking deck is equal to or less than the .

@thinking man, first you need to figure out what zone you are in, because asking what a setback in loudoun county is, is like asking what the maximum number of lots you can build is, or the height of any building anywhere in the county. there is no such one standard. if you are in a-1 agro land its a heck .

deck, take into consideration the required zoning setbacks, location of your septic system, power lines and other utilities and easements . typical deck details may be utilized if your deck meets the qualifications below: use is for residential only. deck is single level. maximum joist span is 18 feet.

for decks less than a full story above grade, the deck is set in at least. 2' from the fence unless the fence retains an effective height of 5' above the deck floor, in which case it may be closer or abut the fence. if benches are proposed, they are simple, backless benches or they are located behind, and no .

right now, the zoning ordinance limits extensions to single-family, detached dwellings to no more than 30 percent of the area of the minimum required rear . according to the county, hardscaping and outdoor amenities, such as patios and pool decks, have become increasingly common, so the proposed .

fairfax county, virginia - typical deck details. page 2 of 24. fairfax . permit application, zoning setbacks and inspection requirements can be . decking overhang 6" max. 3. ' m ax. three-ply1 trimmer joist, each side three-ply1 trimmer joist two ledger board fasteners. 6' maximum chimney or bay window ledger board.

fairfax, va 22030. code administration: 703-385-7830. typical deck details. based on the 2012 international residential. code . information regarding permit application, zoning setbacks and . post size shall be 6x6 with a maximum height based on the corresponding beam influence width and.

limitation and become null and void if the building or work authorized by such permit is not commenced within 180 days from the date of such permit or if the building or work authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned .

limitations on yards that abut outlots that are contiguous to streets. part 5 . the unincorporated territory of the county of fairfax shall be divided into the classes of zoning districts as presented in articles . the following shall apply to any deck attached to a single family detached dwelling: a. any open deck .

deck. application packet. contents: 1. checklist. 2. contractor affidavit. 3. sequence of inspections for decks. 4. building permit application. 5. typical deck details . proffers / conditions yes no. transportation analysis zone: census tract: flood hazard district yes no f.i.r.m no. setbacks: not applicable.

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deck construction plans are available that can be used in lieu of a plan submission during the permit application process if your deck qualifies. use is for residential only. deck is single level. maximum joist span is 18 feet. deck does not support a hot tub, sunroom, screen porch or roof. the fairfax county typical .

in rs-10, rs-12.5 and rs-16 residential zones decks must meet required setbacks. decks must be at least 25 feet from the rear yard (section 18-15). as for the front and side yard . are also required unless the deck is being built per fairfax county typical deck details (.