making outdoor pergola out of deck boards

boards 2" x 6" pressure-treated boards 2" x 10" pressure-treated boards galvanized deck screws circular saw level shovel wheelbarrow socket set screwdriver drill hammer spade post hole digger ladder jigsaw .

build an addition. an attached gazebo can serve as a wonderful entertaining space when outfitted with comfy seating and lighting. other structures, such as . if you live in a wetter climate, you might also want to consider switching out standard wooden deck boards for rot-resistant composite planks that will increase the .

a pergola offers a little bit of shade, but keeps that open feeling of being outside. now as you might know from previous musings on our blog, the heathered nest, we have a pretty large deck that we inherited when we bought this house. we spent a fair amount of time giving it a makeover this past summer.

but those festive dreams were quickly shattered once we took one step out the back door and realized our backyard wasn't the outdoor space my . whether you have a blank slate, like us, or your current deck or patio has seen better days, building this simple platform deck is easier than you think and can .

out the space. the lumber has arrived and we're ready to get to work. allen lyle: oh, that's an awful lot of lumber. danny lipford: man, i'll tell you what. it'll take a lot by the time we replace all the deck boards and build this cool shade pergola over this whole area. i think it'll look pretty good.