how to replace tectum decking

install, tectum roof deck panels are not only sound-absorbing, they are tough enough to stand up to architectural and structural demands. commonly used in new construction and retrofits where acoustic absorption, style and toughness are needed, tectum roof decks absorb sound and are tough .

general information. review of drawing and jobsite planning are essential to lowering your risk of errors and omissions. tectum decks are relatively easy to install and maintain provided a few basic precautions are taken at the jobsite. the architectural drawing needs to be reviewed before .

tectum structural acoustical roof deck. durable. sustainable. economical. the trusted source of high performing, easy to install roof deck for over 65 years. view products. previous .

this project involves the re-roofing over existing tectum decks that now have two layers of roofing. this process is called recovering as opposed to replacement with involves removing all the old roofs down to the deck and replacing all old roofing. the specification calls for the removal of one roof-leaving .

tectum decks allows the lwic to dry from the underside of the lwic slurry. the result is a structural, acoustical deck with permanent insulation. the deck can be reroofed without costly replacement and disposal of the existing insulation.

installing cementitious wood fiber. we also offer tools and accessories for the installation process. our innovative fastener solutions can be used in many different commercial roofing applications.

repair of roof decks . tectum) is temporary. once the calculations. rot and water damage are completed,the roof is reclassified. sagging to safe or unsafedependingon the.

tectum iii roof deck for sloped applications that require insulation and a nailable surface. tectum iiip is made of the same components as tectum iii, but with an edge detail designed for use over high-humidity applications such as swimming pools and ice arenas. tectum v-line interior panels offer extra .

tectum inc roof deck presentation by representative bill khourie 2013.

tectum deck while the low section was a built-up modified roofing system installed over a plywood deck. we were too remove the existing roofing system(s) down to the existing decking and install a built-up soprema roofing system. on the .

deck repair. funderburk roofing provides deck repair / replacement as needed on all projects. deck repair / replacement includes: steel deck; concrete deck; gypsum deck; tectum deck; wood deck. show more photos. home;about funderburk roofing, inc. 24/7/365 roof service;roof manufacturers .

tectum i plank,tile, ctd. and tectum iiip. 5. tectum panel sizes. 5. product selector. 6. tectum roof deck c. lightweight insulating. concrete. 6. tectum roof . special tile widths available to fit existing bulb tee spacings. roof deck tile systems load .

tectum wall panel installation - finale vs. direct attach c-20. + view description. watch how tectum finale installs 2-1/2 times faster than tectum direct attach panels in a c-20 mount.

tectum panel art wall panels feature eight different pre-fabricated shapes allow for artistic patterns and designs while providing the abuse-resistance and acoustical absorption the architecture community has come to rely on from tectum products. tectum panel art wall panels are simple to install in new construction and .

tectum roof deck panels are composed of aspen wood fibers bonded with a special inorganic hydraulic cement, and are formed by a continuous process under heat and pres- sure. the material is treated with silicon to resist water and water migration. tectum panels come in various forms from straight. tectum to .