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i want to do some roof top gardening (mostly growing vegetables) . 90k???? in indian rupees???? and how u knw???? i want for my house to looking for designer do u knw someone? . very beautiful. what impact has roof garden had on wall dampness (if any) and interior temperature of the house? .

ofyt is organized once in every three months and brings together all the necessary equipment and resources for terrace gardening under one roof. from seeds to pots and soil, the little market has everything to offer. in case you are a first timer and do not know how to grow your own veggies, here is your .

top floor of an apartment and the heat is unbearable! some contractors are suggesting painting the terrace with materials like insultec- is this a good idea? or is it better to erect white roofing sheets on the rooftop? if yes, what kind of sheets? highly appreciate your advice. thanks. sb.

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terrace, white paint, insulation systems and tiles (white cement based tiles and ceramic based tiles) etc. whatever be the material choice, the selected material shall have the quality for a sustainable roof. sustainable (roof or any material) is a green building terminology means "a maintenance free, eco .

roof garden solutions right from the water proofing to planting. a rooftop garden not only makes your space look good but also makes it .

tamil - india. justkate, they aren't the same thing. there is such a thing as a terrace on a rooftop but (at least in ame) we would actually call that a "rooftop terrace. i would use the word rooftop to describe the structural element at the top of a building, regardless of its style, material or shape.

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a white roof painted with an insulating paint can bounce off 50% to 80% of the incident heat on the roof. in tropical india it would make good sense for the building and it would make sense for the world . hashem akbari of the heat island group gets a fantastic paper on this ().

currently, in india, the construction practice largely follows use of rcc for roofing. the use . embodied energy in construction brings together the embodied energy of the materials by themselves and in combinations to make the system . these terrace tiles, placed on the edge, ensured tensile strength.

materials like slate and wood to manmade products such as asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers; there are more types and styles of roofing to choose from today than ever before. while each has its advantages and shortcomings, they all can add a distinctive .

but we suffer from the summer heat with our tiled brown roof and we cannot sleep well inside the house. we found a simple solution to beat the summer heat that i want to share with others facing a similar problem: summer heat is increasing every day and many cities in india record temperatures above .

roofing materials? find out the 10 best roofing materials for warmer climates in this article from .

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a small balcony, terrace or porch will do . instead of speaking such bad english at such high speed making it almost impossible to understand, wouldn't it be better to speak indian and put subtitles in the video . where to buy trays and tunplates? other material seeds and seed lings and vermi soil we have.

materials like treated metal and heavyweight teak that can withstand prolonged exposure to sun and moisture or pick lightweight, collapsible furniture that's easy to move. this sunny rooftop terrace in london .

india along with their contact details address. find here roof . frp roof tiles. frp roof tiles. material: frp shape: wavy color: brown, red etc. mounting: roof top technique: extrude our company has mastered the art for providing frp more.

with urbanisation in india rapidly progressing, many ferro-cement structures are left baking in the sun, often stressing the lives of the inhabitants . the bamboo centre construction team has covert structured ferro-cement and brick building with domes, or other bamboo roofs to reduce heat on top of roof .