is trex worth it

trex has industry-leading gross and net margins. trex appears to have little to no economic moats. margins appear to be the result of management acumen, market.

before and after: wooden decks don't withstand time like trex decks do . so is it worth it to pay extra for tropical wood when the color won't even last long? . a high-end composite material, such as trex, provides resistance to fading, staining, scratching, and mold for not 5 or 10, but up to 25 years.

was given the option from builder between trex select and transcend. either would be the woodland brown color. we chose the select version as we could not tell much of a difference between the two besides texture and thickness and was told that both would hold up just as well and it'd save us $250.

neither company hides from this and what's worth pointing out that any manufactured product suffers from early teething problems as manufacturers iron out defects or even just deal with a bad batch. nothing is perfect in this world, but what manufacturers like trex and timbertech have done is respond .

people are always asking me if ultra low-maintenance materials like composite decking are worth the investment. there are many practical reasons why i respond with a resounding yes! . my favourite product is trex transcend. not only does it look like natural wood, not fade, take a beating, and not mold .

trex, azek, timber tech and fiberon, and wolf, (i am sure i missed a few) now produce decking with a hard plastic shell bonded to the composite board. this makes the . if the builder you choose does not buy $200,000 worth of material from trex in a year, they won't honor the warranty. read the .

which is the best decking materialcedar, pressure-treated or composite lumber? we compare their durability, appearance and cost.

last summer i built a 390 sq foot trex deck off of the back of my house. it runs the length of the house (30 feet) and is 11 feet wide and on . sure the deck did take up some of the lawn, but i think the trade-off in deck space was really worth it. sunset: is 90% of cost including contractor costs, because i did all .