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wood composite: originally introduced in the mid-1990s, wood composite decking materials are a hybrid blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers. the amount of wood in the blend varies between 10 percent and 60 percent, but there is always some wood mixed with the plastic component, beaudry says. pvc: formally .

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plastic lumber. it is guaranteed for 50 years, so if you are as old as me you may not think the expense is worth it. here is a link to a source. i can't say if it is available for less elsewhere. i have been using cedar and spruce 2x6 x8's. the spruce i found in a trash pile after .

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plastic material, such as polyethylene and/or polyvinyl chloride, and wood particles. recommends this test if you aren't sure whether or not it's time to seal your deck: sprinkle water on the wood; if it absorbs immediately, it's time to stain, but if it beads up, you .

lumber in bundles for less than firewood. this seems to work best for hardwoods, cabinetmaker type stuff. this is how i got the wood for these.