cost per square foot vinyl decking

vinyl or recycled materials cost $1.71 more per square foot than the wood. this means for our sample deck, we would have to spend a minimum of $391.52 (includes sales tax - 216 sq. ft x $1.71 x 1.06) to just buy the decking material. there is no doubt that the vinyl railing material and posts would .

vinyl decking questions. 1. is vinyl decking hot on your feet? not as hot as tile or concrete decks, and much more comfortable than wood and composite decks. 2. how much does vinyl decking cost? vinyl costs between $3.80 to $6.80 (installed) per square foot. please contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate. 3. how do .

vinyl decking price options and installation cost ranges. free, online pvc vinyl decking cost calculator breaks down fair prices in your area. input project size, product quality and labor type to get pvc vinyl decking material pricing and installation cost estimates . deck surface area 440 square feet.

cost per square foot: including vinyl, adhesive and trims. 31.5 mil 45 mil 60 mil $3.75 $4.00 sf $4.25 - $4.85 sf $5.00 - $6.50 sf. *prices subject to change and is dependent upon varying retail store costs. please note: all amounts are approximate. amount of vinyl, cantstrip, flashing, and u-channel depend on .

cost composite deck 2017 diyornotcost. a word of warning about composite decking; it uses glue and other chemicals to hold the wood plastic together while average cost build a deck averages between pine $10 $20; composite decking $20 $30 ( includes vinyl decking) 10 feb 2017 is $35 per square foot.

cost to build a new deck vary from $21.0 to $71.0 per square foot or from $3,528 to $11,928 for standard 12' x 14' deck construction depending on decking . vinyl deck. $19.0 - $30.0. $18.0 - $32.0. $37.0 - $62.0. composite deck. $17.0 - $29.0. $19.0 - $30.0. $36.0 - $59.0. exotic wood deck. $18.0 - $35.0. $19.0 - $36.0.

the deck resistant to ultraviolet rays and keeps it from yellowing. when purchasing pvc vinyl decking, it's important to make sure that it contains uv inhibitor. otherwise, a homeowner may end up with a cheaper version of vinyl decking that won't be protected against sunlight. cost per square foot: $4 to $8 .

decking; cedar decking; redwood decking; pressure-treated wood decking; plastic decking; aluminum decking; pvc vinyl decking; ipe hardwood decking . typical costs for composite decking installation services. low-end estimate: $5.75 per square foot; high-end estimate: $7.45 per square foot