how much does trek wood cost

many brands carry a lifetime (though limited) warranty. but beware, not all treated woods are created equal. the standard treated decking at my local lumberyard costs less than cedar. but inexpensive treated wood is often full of moisture and will shrink unevenly and twist .

trex and wood.

does not accept preservatives well; can be as much as three times as expensive more common, domestic woods. tigerwood - brazilian/african hardwood, average price per square foot is $20. pros. as weather resistant as ipe, but slightly less expensive; has a rich color with stripes, .

how much it would cost to build your custom dream deck with trex's deck cost calculator. plan and customize . substructure. trex's deck cost estimator can calculate the expected price of your new deck with new wood . if you're using trex's select decking line, our deck cost calculator can determine .

average installed costs for trex decking is in your zip code by . trex decking total average cost per square foot, $9.38, $12.40, $14.93 . view other decking options costs: composite, wood, pvc metal decking choices.

wood decks require consistent care. trex decks are a bit more expensive than wood decks. most people prefer the design of wood, but more often than not, trex can easily duplicate the beauty of a wood deck. trex decks are eco-friendly, used from recycled materials. wood .