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the chief of the german police union has called for a fence along the country's border to set "an example" for other countries amid the ongoing . another suggestion, that genuine asylum seekers might be "filtered out" at refugee transit zones along germany's border, was also supported by mr wendt - as it .

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agricultural activities and installations of infrastructures are affected by those restrictions. in germany thousands of water protections zones have been delimited within the last decades; in baden-württemberg, germany, e.g., more than 25% of the land surface .

fear of immigrants has already all but destroyed the schengen passport-free zone and the elite liberal consensus that decries nationalism and racism as the roots of europe's past troubles. fences are going up everywhere, including in people's minds. the mood is ugly across the continent today. and it's .

a german police chief has called for a fence to be built along the country's border with austria to stem the flow of refugees into the country . he called for a the establishment of a migrant transit zone to filter out genuine refugees from economic migrants, but said it would only work if germany's border was .

residents at an apartment complex in germany have erected a 1.63 metre-high fence around their building in anticipation of a new refugee shelter opening in the area.

while the wall stood, the zone between east and west berlin was a potentially deadly space. but since the end of the cold war, it has mostly stood barren. now a dutch landscape architect wants to transform the former no man's land into a series of secret gardens and recreational areas.

there would be three or four million more migrants in germany and europe and the whole town would have moved away from here and the situation of last summer would be continuing. in all these years i never thought i would be like a war zone. hungary was slammed for erecting fence getty images.

to growing tensions between eu leaders, rising support for populist parties, and the slow erosion of europe's passport-free travel zone. border controls and border fences have been implemented all over the continent, as states take individual measures to stop the flow of refugees. migrants arrive at the .

calling on the german chancellor, angela merkel, to resign over immigration and a much larger group of leftwing counter-demonstrators. austria has said it plans to erect a fence at the alpine crossing it shares with italy to channel people. part of europe's borderless schengen zone, brenner is one of the .

german border was formally established on 1 july 1945 as the boundary between the western and soviet occupation zones of germany. on the eastern side, it was made one of the world's most heavily fortified frontiers, defined by a continuous line of high metal fences and walls, barbed wire, alarms, anti-vehicle .

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europe's migrant crisis cannot be solved with the construction of fences or walls at borders, germany has said after austria announced plans to erect fences . both austria and slovenia are part of the passport-free schengen zone and have been key transit countries for tens of thousands of refugees and .

a forbidding, 870-mile network of fences and guard towers once ran the length of germany, separating east and west . now, more than two decades after the dismantling of the berlin wall and germany's east-west border zone, friends of the earth and other conservation groups, joined by the federal and .

germany is divided into zones of occupa- tion and its capital, berlin, is split into sectors. the victorious powers are each to administer their respective . this girl is to grow up in freedom. her parents are giving up their home and most of their possessions in order to give their child a better chance in life.

as kai walked along the western edge of the border, no fence prevented him from entering the buffer zone between his native west germany and the east. more agricultural canal than river, the steinach flowed from the east along the southern edge of sonneberg, gunter berwing's hometown, before .

garden gnomes, tomato beds, manicured little lawns these are all seen as typical of german allotment gardens or schrebergärten. for some time now, germany's schrebergarten associations have welcomed members from other countries too, thus lending these allotment plots new potential for .