replace with composite decking

composite decking, replacing worn-out wood with low-maintenance composites.

composite decking board at a big box store for about 11 .

there are many benefits composite decking has to offer. durability is perhaps the biggest selling point for composite decks. while composite decks can last for over 50 years, most homeowners replace them after 30 years due to tired look. needless to say, with minimal upkeep, you could have a terrific deck .

replacing old wood planks with new composite decking onto existing structure. keeping cost down.

decking-replacement project.

composite decks are becoming more popular, there's just no denying the beauty and longevity of wood. wood decks should last for several decades .

composite deck repair is no different then any other type of deck repair. if you have a deck that is made from composites, the best way to repair any damaged pieces is to replace them with matching composite pieces. this includes the deck boards and joists that make up the deck for your patio. each of these parts to your .

replace it with trex composite decking enjoy long-lasting, low-maintenance beauty for decades to come.