teak alternative for boats

teak deck alternative. add luxury and appeal to any boat. a low cost solution with the minimal maintenance.

alternatives to teak decking like so many other things in boating, come in the form of acronyms: pvc and eva.

quote from the early days of flexiteek news: a greener and cheaper alternative to teak decking was unveiled at the southhampton boat show by golden arrow marine. flexiteek is a strip plank made out of recycled plastic, but has a similar look to the real thing. the plastic used is fireresistant to class 0 .

teak decks on boats are very expensive in both materials and labor. a quick estimate for a custom marine teak deck is $150-175 per square foot for the top end. if you like the look and feel of a teak deck then you may want to look at the many man made teak deck alternatives which are cropping up on the .

popularity of wood species comes and goes just like architecture and fashion styles. in fact, these elements usually feed each other. as styles change, materials and industries shift to meet the demand for raw materials. over the last few years we have seen a growing demand for teak beyond the boat .

teak is so expensive that they substitute other tropical woods. the names of these wood.ogabooga, biggatwigga are so weird that i cant remember them. these weird sounding woods are used in high class exterior house and pool decking architecture. talk to your exterior decking supplier.

alternatives to teak for boat deck ,boat deck board supplier.

i've sold it as a teak substitute before, but i never said it was a great substitute. the color is off. for me to call it a teak substitute, it would have to be something that you could use in a marine environment and with the same kind of aesthetic-type feel. there's nothing with iroko that is anywhere similar to teak.

i have been doing a bit of research on teak substitutes for boat decking and have found several, but i have not heard from anyone that has actually used one of the substitutes. and i'm referring to real woods like camaru, ipe, even purpleheart and other real woods. not the fake teaks. my son just picked up .

fixing old boats is what i do most of and an awful lot of what i get to fix is made of teak. prima facie this seems quite reasonable and sensible. teak rubbing strakes, toe-rails, decking, saloon furniture; they all get damaged and need, ideally, like-for-like replacement. however, when like-for-like means .

but the request for teak comes in so rarely i don't really have an idea of what would be a good replacement wood. the homeowner lives at the beach, and i think is influenced by the older yachts that have teak everywhere. sapele is now being used on the boats as a teak substitute. but the cost gets driven .

shares. since the advent of fiberglass boat production, sailors have had a love-hate relationship with teak decks. on the one hand, they provide a good nonskid surface and add a feeling of warmth to a boat's appearance. flexiteek. another very convincing teak substitute: it had me fooled in newport.