veranda armorguard problems

as you say, the problem with seeing jobs already done is that the products apparently are changing quickly. i've decided to go with fiberon as they are (or seem to be) a "greener" company (awards won, etc.), and a textured board as i'm worried about slippery surface. the one that made the most sense is .

we haven't had the issues other manufacturers have encountered due to their boards absorbing moisture, and therefore don't believe that a cap is . its less expensive pro-tect line (also sold by Seven Trust under the name armorguard by veranda) is capped only on the top and edges, leaving the bottom .

tier 3: if after the proper application of the stain, the spotting bleeds through the stain and is generally visible, tier 3 will provide class members who timely submit a supplemental claim form with a voucher for a 23 percent discount for replacement veranda armorguard composite decking.

i had my deck built off the ground so moisture would not be the problem, but after a year water puddled in areas and the entire deck exposed to the sun faded. i called the place my contractor bought decking from. they hummed around and finally replaced the fading area. but in 1 year it faded again!!!

i am building a roof deck (full sun) and trying to decide whether to use the less expensive veranda armor-guard or go for the trex transcend. what i understand the difference . in veranda defense they would probably give me new product but if i go to that trouble i will buy something else. 1 like bookmark .

uncapped composite decking has historically had a problem with harboring excessive mold, resulting in several class-action lawsuits . the company . most are flat on both top and bottom, while the good life boards has a double arch profile on the bottom and veranda armorguard has five arches.

trex and veranda are two name brands in the newest family of wood composite materials. though . both trex and veranda have about the same tensile strength: 250 and 262 pounds per square inch, respectively . veranda is known to be less prone to water intrusion and the associated problems.