when did recycled composite become popular in decking

composite decking is a popular alternative to traditional wood construction . has yours become more of a worksite than a pleasure pad? consider making the . although some manufacturers rely on virgin wood and plastics, others make extensive use of recycled materials. in 2010, trex .

did consider stocking these wood-plastic composite planks and decking profiles, but a chance encounter at one of our exhibitions put us off the idea. a prospective customer questioned us about the performance of our recycled plastic decking at greenbuild expo, manchester in 2012. he had 120 sq .

composite: this decking is made from wood fibers (usually recycled maple sawdust) and recycled plastic. dense, weather . capped composite decking, in particular where the composite is covered in a thin, plastic material has become popular for its durability and quick installation. traditional deck .

because eco-friendly composite decking uses recycled plastic, you can create a great deck while doing your part to save the environment . but the plastic does have to go somewhere. and it . they would become easily waterlogged and warped, which then lead to designers placing a rigid cap on top.

becoming so popular? . they are splinter free with an additional plastic capping, composite decking boards become stain and fade resistant . unlike a lot of composite decking companies, our boards are made from fsc certified wood and recycled plastic which would otherwise end up in landfill sites.

recycled plastic decking has really grown in popularity in recent years and now is readily available online and at most major home improvement stores . materials such as pigments and uv blockersand even wood fibers to make compositesbefore being molded into items such as decking planks, .

ecodeck outdoor decking is becoming popular these days. it helps in . since their introduction to the market, composite decks have become the preference of most homeowners and homebuilders . they are made from a composite mixture of the finest bamboo, reclaimed timber and recycled plastic.