cost to build deck roof

the cost to build a deck varies by size, location and whether or not you hire a decking pro . as you can see above, the average cost to build a deck hovers around $6,200 . when it comes to deck covers, you can either install an awning with screen or opt for full deck or patio enclosure (roof included).

cost to build a rooftop deck? roof top deck is a cheapest option when it comes to labor cost because there is no digging and concrete work involved for building a foundation. but the factor of transporting materials on the roof might increase the total price of constructing roof-top deck significantly.

roof is warmer so it melts off and icicles from sun and house heat, but the deck roof will then ice up if the air temp is below freezing. therefore, if there is headroom, i like to keep the original roof and gutters intact, and build a totally separate (except for maybe some .

white knight 9 mar 2016 you want to built practical and comfortable porch don't know what budget prepare? check out the average construction costs does it cost build porch? simple 5' x 8' pressure treated pine with low slope or flat roof can be for about but custom find deck from experts at diy network .

cost to build a deck is about $10630 (16'x20'). find here detailed information about build deck costs . pergola: an arched structure with an open roof and cross rafters, supported by posts or columns, typically installed in a garden, park, or backyard and usually covered with climbing plants or vines.