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but synthetic plank decking offers good looks with less upkeep . use this buying guide to consider smart options that fit your budget and help create a space that's both relaxing and easy to care for . while wood is the most popular type of decking, other materials are catching on with homeowners.

wood deck. but the decking itself is only a piece of your overall budget. each system requires either hidden fasteners or deck screws (for best results, use screws specifically for composite material). in addition .

cheapest decking material on the market is probably pressure treated pine the most expensive include exotic hardwood species and top-end coated composite . the good. composite decking does not require as much maintenance as natural wood products. does not splinter or split. have built in slip resistance.

we caught up with home improvement specialist brad byrnes to talk all things decks, from the best timber to use for decking to other decking material options such as bamboo and synthetic. plastics are cost-effective and easy to clean but they don't always last as long as the alternatives, says brad.

budget-friendly backyard makeovers. best decking material. photo.q: i'm putting a new deck on my house and i want to make sure it is constructed properly. what is the best decking material? should i use natural wood, pressure-treated, or something altogether different?

good lumber will make your deck look better, last longer and go together faster . if you're buying treated wood, buy boards that have had time to dry after they've been treated. boards still . and like any other outdoor material, they can become dirty and stained; expect to do an occasional pressure washing.