the value of wpc deck in europe

decking products which come in a variety of materials including wood-plastic composite, capped composite, pvc. view all ctb wpc decking products.

europe, asia-pacific, row) - global trends forecast to 2021. by: marketsandmarkets.

eu referendum; decking, cladding and outdoor wood potential good; decking market mature (1998 -2016). diverse range of species . wpc. plastic. slide 1. slide 1. slide 1. slide 1. slide 1. slide 1. softwood. durable sofwood. hardwood. modified wood. wpc. plastic. decking market by value. estimated at £180m.

the amount of wood in wpc is in the range . there are only a few industrial manufactures of wood plastic composites (wpc) in europe. posite decking. this regulation (astm d 7031), which is a compendium of test methods, was approved in. 2004 as a guide for producers of wpcs. in 2005 the.

value chain from procurement to technology, markets and customers . composites (wpc), bamboo . end-use market overview. 22. 7. european market overview. 27. 8. country profiles. 35. 8.1. germany. 35. market drivers. 36. cladding/siding. 37. decking. 39.

wpc). page 1. briefing note for . paper 2/04 wood plastic composites: market drivers and opportunities in europe. this paper has been . value wpc deck boards are twice the price of cca/acq treated boards and comparable to cedar.

europe. the fourth china international summit of. wpc, 19.10.2010, nanging. asta eder, expert for innovative wood. products, asta.eder@ . the european wpc-decking market currently amounts to about 68 000 tons, . prices of wood-plastic composites in. german speaking .

europe through the value to wood program. that . value to wood no. 29. forintek canada. 5 see also trend 2: softwood log shortage is developing in europe (page 6). photo credit: michael meuter/lignum . in 2007, a quality assurance label for wpc decking was introduced in europe,.

although the market for added value products is more complex in terms of finding the right buyer and proving supplier competence, it is also a big market with a larger potential . although these may pose a threat to certain products (such as decking), tropical timber is still needed for various other purposes.

in this paper we examine the performance of wood-plastic composite (wpc) decking and its environmental properties . europe. in the u.s., use of plastic composite materials for residential decking is projected to reach. 23 and 32 percent of the total decking market by 2011 and 2016, respectively (wood .

wpc) is composed of wood (virgin or waste) or other cellulose-based fibre fillers such as pulp fibres, peanut hulls, bamboo and straw, and . eu economy as a whole: the used tyre recycling companies would benefit because there will be a new, consistent value-added market for the processed tyre .

wide to hollow or solid decking boards and is predominately replacing tropical . in europe the wpc decking market has reached the . in wpc production, but pp is also of importance, especially in europe (mainly in injection moulding). most wpc compounders are located in germany. the prices of wpc.

wpc production has experienced an overwhelming boost in the past years. in 2012, 1.5 million tons of wpc were produced worldwide, and this was mainly driven by decking and the north-american market. the production volume of wpc decking in europe was 174,000 tons in 2012, whereas only 16,000 tons .

wpc and nfc) in the european union 2012 (in tonnes). wood-plastic composites. 260,000. decking. 174,000. automotive . in the face of rising plastic prices, wpc granulates . comprehensive and detailed picture of the use and amount of wood and natural fibre reinforced composites.

wpc brands from europe and usa . whether it is wood or wpc, european or exotic woods, rustic or elegant the choice at jaf covers every requirement . even though the decking itself takes centre stage, the hidden values play an equally important role, namely the accessories.