best floor for outdoor patio

when installing your flooring, it is vital to use outdoor patio tiles that are manufactured for the express purpose of being installed outside -- something that will hold up against the elements in . but porcelain and solid stones like granite, slate, marble, travertine, limestone, and quartzite are good options.

these outdoor heaters are ideal for your patio and will keep you and your company warm on cool spring, summer and autumn evenings. when properly installed, they blend in seamlessly with your patio's décor and won't take up valuable floor space. they come in various models, each with their own .

outdoor use. carpets that are good for outdoor use are made to resist uv rays and are better able to handle moisture. if you put a regular piece of carpet out there, it will fade quickly and possibly develop mold and mildew.

smarten up your patio and increase the sense of space with flooring that works beautifully with your home and garden . how to choose the best flooring for your patio . here, larger slabs have been used for the patio, while a sprinkling of gravel defines the outdoor dining area. contemporary patio by .