diy cover up of concrete stoop and 2 steps

shim the front and side risers into place and attach to the stoop framing with 2 trim head galvanized screws. we chose not to mitre cut the riser boards, so last but not least, we touched up the exposed cut ends on the front riser board with a bit of paint. (image credit: erin francois). have a really great diy .

porch makeover - an upgrade from basic concrete to flagstone with bluestone step treads; colorful planters complete the look (flagstone step stairs). find this . how to clad concrete steps in stone overhaul your boring concrete porch with bluestone and natural . diy concrete patio cover-ups lots of ideas tutorials!

cement front steps - i have a question - building construction - diy chatroom home improvement forum . like two tone stamped concrete . some spider crawling over the rocks on our way to see casaroro falls before taking some photos at the falls then walking back up the 350-step concrete stairs .

concrete. if you're going to have a paved surface leading to the steps, then dig a deeper footing and lay one or two courses of engineering bricks on top of it, below ground level. you'll then be able to lay your paving right up to the .

in this video, toh senior technical editor mark powers shows how to cover up an ugly concrete stoop with stone veneer and bluestone treads . 24 inches by 36 inches) by 1 1/2 inches thick flagstone (i'm talking heavy), i took it and stuck it to the side of my brick house (that's brick not concrete, even less .

we have a 72" x 42" concrete stoop with four steps that we would like to cover with a wood floor and new railings. we want to . putting wood over existing concrete stoops and stairs is common in my area. obviously . i was thinking of rising the "deck" up ~2-4" so it's not in direct contact with the concrete.

concrete steps may serve their purpose, but they are not the most attractive looking steps. you can spice up their appearance by adding some wood planks on top of them. the layer.

concrete steps with pavers - this is an inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home . architecture,fascinating brick front porch steps ideas for europan house design with cement footing and ornamental flowers also teakwood door,impressive . diy concrete patio cover-ups lots of ideas tutorials!

concrete porch with bluestone and natural-stone veneers . first, lay lath over the landing and steps, and use tin snips to trim sections for the sides that overlap the steps by 2 inches. mix mortar until it's thick enough to hold its shape when balled up, and trowel it onto the first step in a ¾-inch layer.

step 2: build strong, level forms for a perfect slab . if you're building a heated structure on the slab, cover the ground inside the concrete forms with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting. have the necessary tools for this concrete forms and concrete pouring diy project lined up before you startyou'll save time and frustration.

it is also a good way to cover up peeling paint, slight chipping and discolored concrete . step 2. attach the two outside battens to the porch, using tapcon-style anchors. drill ¼-inch pilot holes through the board, evenly spaced in at least three places--one 4 inches in from one end, one the same distance .

steps stone, front stairs and painted concrete steps . full front porches | front porch-close up steps ***repinned by normoe . with blue entrance door as inspiring rustic home facade landscaping ideas: perfect concrete porch front yard design and inspiration pictures (diy step porch).

concrete steps by patching and resurfacing them . step repair 01:33. jason cameron and crew repair a crumbling concrete porch and steps . for the edge of the step use a nose tool or nodder and use a cove tool or cover to shape the rounded portions where the steps meet.

up a concrete slab or steps: tips, tools and planning advice guide you through the job and save you big bucks . if your slab is large or extra thick, rent a pneumatic jackhammer (with a hose, bits and a trailer-mounted compressor; photo 2). it has much more power than an electric .

steps stone, front stairs and painted concrete steps . bluestone steps with brick risers on the vertical rebuild concrete steps leading to basement - building construction - diy chatroom - diy home improvement forum . steps building a house how to build steps garden steps step up.

porch steps ideas for europan house design with cement footing and ornamental flowers also teakwood door,impressive . here is the vertical cedar fence my hubby built (with my design, lumber shopping and staining help - i'm useless with a hammer though) to cover up the two .