solid plastic wood lumber

plastic is heated then blended with additives such as ultra-violet light inhibitors, colorant, foaming agent, anti-static compound, chopped fiberglass, or even solid fiberglass bars, as may be required for heavy load applications. the materials may be *recycled to some extent containing postindustrial and or post-consumer .

plastic lumber comes in multiple surface options and although is not a direct replacement for wood, it has many different advantages . the advantages of this solid and highly stable material are many: up to 50 year limited warranty; waterproof; insect and marine borer resistant; impervious to salt, mold, dry rot, .

lumber is made of high density polyethylene plastic with colorants and ultraviolet stabilizers added to provide longevity in outside applications. these boards are solid with pigment throughout to provide consistent color and uniformity even after cutting. select lumber has .

wood-plastic composite lumber typically contains, at minimum, 49% wood fiber or other natural fillers and a mix of one or more plastic polymers. composites are also available in hollow and solid profiles, same as plastic lumber. taking a deeper look at composite plastic lumber, the majority of its use .

plastic lumber. if it works in wood, it probably wears better in plastic. build your customized deck, dock, fence or furniture out of the best dollar for dollar value on the market! . see more information on the plastic lumber colors . used for attaching solid plastic rails to the post and may be installed visible or hidden.

you might not have thought about using plastic wood and lumber before, but with the added benefits of being durable, stable, resistant to weather, rot and mildew (without . whereas a timber product may need replacing every 5-7 years as it begins to rot, plastic lumber will continue to be solid for a life time.